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The Wellspring Eternal N N/A Creation

The Church of Animatus

Creation in its purest form, Animatus is the source from which all existence flows. It cares not for the happenings of mortals or gods, and is said to be entirely blind to prayers. It exists as an engine of churning creation, forestalling the eventual entropy which will end everything.   People often see Animatus as a ball of light, but in truth it has but no form and every form, for anything which exists only exists because of the creative potential given by the god. Animatus stands in stark contrast to its twin Mortalis, the Prime god of Entropy. The Dance of the Twins between the two is well-recorded - an endless parade of creation and destruction - and it is this very dance that is said to have created all matter, life, and element.   As opposed to the elemental Primes, Animatus opposes its twin only in the sense that their portfolios oppose one another directly. In fact, it is wildly held that neither of the Twins understand their own being, nor that of their so-called sibling. It is simply the case that one cannot exist without the balance of the other, needing light to balance darkness, creation to balance entropy, and the "is" to balance the "is not."  

Worship and Hierarchy

Finding a physical church to Animatus is difficult, despite the concepts of creation and life being wholly-acceptable to virtually all cultures. Shrines to the god are often found in other churches aligned closely with Animatus' portfolio, but there are a few free-standing structures dedicated to the worship of The Wellspring Eternal. The Temple of the Wellspring in Zlarays on Rels Wared in Kedia, a principality in the The Arnastian Grand Alliance is perhaps the most well-known, as it is a massive arched structure made of dragonsteel that holds under it the entire port for the town. Another example of a church would the the College of Lore and Creation in T'vathi Ithrondil. Shrines to Animatus are found near all shrines to Mortalis, though they may be far more eroded than the shrines of their entropic sibling.   There are no clergy to Animatus in any kind of traditional sense, though there are clerics that worship and receive spells in the god's name. Those that venerate Animatus often have their own take on how best to create, and can vary wildly from artists to those that spread life through many children. Just as its sibling, it does not grant spells directly, but Celestine, Enos, and Pandemonium are often thought to grant spells in the Wellspring Eternal's stead.  


Animatus has no holidays associated with it, but its devout often hold celebrations near the middle of summer when it is the warmest part of the year.  

Traditional Dress

Stark white, well-kept, and well-fitted garments are the staple of those that claim to be Animatic clergy, but there is no traditional dress among those others that follow the god.  


The Gilded String Cuts the Dark. A phrase that now means "rise when the light does to see success," this phrase originated in the Order of the Bladed Sun, a paladin order co-opted from the church of Celestine by Xelin after the founding of Ephistius.

The Wellspring Eternal