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Continent Government Ruler Capital
Prenalia Honor-bound Oligarchy Emperor Horimu don Magiodonni Senzhoritsu

Land of Crime and Riches

The southern half of Avaritia is an expanse of forsaken sand, silt, and swamp. Long abandoned by the Queendom of Arnast to its east, this nation of thieves, pirates, and other criminal elements has established quite the notoriety among the peoples of Enos. Ruled from its capital of Senzhoritsu at its southernmost point, this nation is held together by threats and a loose understanding and 'honor amongst thieves.'   While there are many that live within the nation that harbor no criminal skill or inclination whatsoever, few are the people that have never done what was needed to get by. The quality of life varies from city to town, but overall there is a wide gulf between the haves and have-nots.   The country is guarded by the fortresses of Forsai and Teishircito to the east. Its ports sit on the Aquan Ocean and trade with all major governments of Enos, and Sensomolo runs the only ships on Enos that dare to visit Tichozen's capital, albeit at a hefty fee.  

Gangs of Avaritia

Three major gangs run Avaritia's economy and serve as the de facto government of the otherwise-lawless, glittering wasteland. While all of them swear loyalty to the don Magiodonni family that runs the country, this loyalty only serves to stave off all-out wars, as small-scale conflicts and subterfuge are extremely common between the major gangs and the other splintered offshoots of them.   Rostelli Family. Known for their connections to the worldwide underground illegal black market for high-end collector's items including art, gems, artifacts, magic items, the Rostelli Family has made a name for itself for its white-collar network of high-end thieves, captains, and other governmental officials. While it isn't above killing to protect its interests, it often prefers blackmail or bribery to those messier methods. Led by the widow Lady Tiana Rostelli, this family has ensured its place among the elite of Avaritia.   Society of Dregs. Any swamprat's (as the local poor are derisively called) best hope to claw their way out of the bayous and deltas of Avaritia is to join one of the Society of Dregs' many offshoot gangs and work their way up through the ranks. Most people of the country either belong to or pay dues to the Society, which is comprised of thieves, mercenaries, pirates, cutthroats, bandits, and other criminal elements that spread far beyond their home's borders, spreading the name of the Society far and wide. Led by an enigmatic figure known as the Dregfather, the Society forms the bedrock and governing organization that keeps the lesser gangs in some semblance of order.   The Pale Grin. More a rumor than a gang, The Pale Grin is an organization of cutthroats and assassins known by their calling card of a single rose with its center petals a stark white. Thought to operate out of Paviyama, this organization keeps the Emperor's interests, secrets, and mortality safe. What their unknown leadership gets in return is the subject of much speculation.  

The Glittering Morass

The water that pours from the prismatic mountain ranges in the center of the country contains small flecks of crystals of a dizzying array of colors. When it collects in the mostly-still, algae-covered swamps, it glitters in the light of day. It is for this reason it is known as the Glittering Morass, and the water is said to contain every property under the sky, ranging from a cure to joint pain to having an ability to grant wishes. It mostly only grants severe stomach distress.   The Highlands The area above the prismatic mountains in the center of Avaritia are an uninhabitable wasteland of arid deserts swept by winds that carry small shards of crystal aloft in what is known as the Razorwind. Many mysteries lie buried under these sands, thought to once harbor highly-magical rival cities. Levitating rocks ranging from fist- to mountain-sized dot the landscape, and magic-eating worms stalk its undergrounds. No one goes here and returns.
Seal of Avaritia

Trading Partners

Trading Partners

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