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Enos - Deity

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The Giver N Sickle Nature

The Church of Enos

Enos is the god of the land and nature and rock and soil and plant and animal, but more to the point, it is the land. Enos is nature. As Dictum and Pandemonium are both gods and the planes themselves, Enos is both the god of the Material Plane and the Material Plane itself. So closely are the Material Plane and Enos related that we call the Material Plane Enos, an ancient Druidic word meaning 'lifegiver.'   Every beast owes thanks to Enos for its life, and every druid of every circle on the Material Plane draws their power from the god's eternal wellspring. It is Enos who first taught the druids their unique language, and it serves as a sacred sort of code between the god and her followers. While all druids must know druidic in order to manipulate the land, other devout clergy of Enos may know the language as well. Those outside of Enos' fellowship find it impossible to learn, as the Giver jealously guards their language from any who attempt to decipher its hidden meanings.   Enos cares little for the affairs of other gods as a matter of principle, but those that seek to trample its forests and defile its streams can find themselves violently opposed. Those that seek to live off the bounty granted by Enos are never punished, as the cycle of life is as it is.  

Worship and Hierarchy

The clergy of Enos tend to group into different organizations of members called Circles. These groups are usually centered around different aspects of nature, and are scattered throughout the plane. Borders mean little to an Enosian, and most sane officials allow them the right to roam, as refusing passage often leads to bad harvests or overpopulation of deadly beasts in the area for years to come. The Circles tend to keep to themselves, tending to each of their areas, wandering across the land to keep the natural balance in order.  


Seeding Day. This day, often celebrated on Quanta 1, marks the first day of Spring. Planting before this day always yields a worse crop, so it often also marks the first day of work for farmers across the Prime Material.   Night of Claw and Fur. Every year on Dena 10, druids across the Prime Material find themselves able to maintain their animal wildshape from dusk of this day until the dawn of the next. It is customary to spend the entire time shapeshifted, and hunters across Enos do well to not hunt this night.  

Traditional Dress

Priests and clergy of Enos wear no thing made of metal, nor wield any weapon of metal. Otherwise, the Giver cares little for what, if anything, their followers wear.  


It Is as It Is. This saying speaks to the nature of the cycle of life and death that rules all things, inviting the listener of the saying to accept things as they naturally are.   Live Wild and Die Free. Governments and social structures often impose their will on their subjects, but to live apart from such structures is to live naturally, and to live naturally is to have a freedom impossible to those that call themselves civilized.   Live Life from the Loam. Even the death and unfortunate events in our lives only serve to show us how wonderful the high points are. Metal Rusts, Memories Fade. - Nothing lasts forever, especially the works of man.

The Giver