Pandemonium - Deity

Title Alignment Weapon Portfolio
The Howling Wail CN Flail Chaos
  The Church of Pandemonium Thought to be made of the roiling chaos left over from The Creation of the world, Pandemonium is the Created god of Chaos, and widely believed by scholars to be entirely unaware of its own existence. Its moods, said to be pandemonic, are ever-shifting and unpredictable. Its worshippers and clergy include anarchists, agents of change, pushers of unbridled chaos, and all those that fight the social structures of the world. The Howling Wail is strengthened by any acts that undermine order, and it grants its powers to any willing to act in its name.   To a Pandemaniac, chaos is the correct and proper way for the world to be. Their ideal of a perfect world is far from the wind-swept wastes of the plane of Pandemonium, but rather a world in which there is no structure, there are no rules, and everyone has the freedom to do as they please without any need to respect the rights of others. To them, the strength needed to force their will onto the world determines who get what they need.   The church and its followers abhor Dictum as anathema. They see no life in those that willingly subject themselves to order, and do all they can to inject chaos at any turn.  

Worship and Hierarchy

Pandemonium grants powers to its followers, but there is debate on if the deity even hears the prayers it is sent in the first place. Some argue that the god is uncaring and free from the burdens of listening, while others say that The Howling Wail does respond, but in a matter so devoid of pattern that its followers cannot pick up on it.   The clergy of Pandemonium has no structure whatsoever, but it is not to say that the deity has no temples. Any structure or open space can be dedicated using any rite the cleric wishes, often of their own spurious invention.  


No holidays exist for Pandemonium. This is not because no holidays are celebrated, but there is seldom a day goes by in which some individual or sect of Pandemaniacs aren't celebrating a holiday of their own device. If any holiday ever becomes widespread enough, the cults move along to another, not willing to be burdened by a prescribed day and time to celebrate.   Traditional Dress Pandemanic dress is similarly non-uniform, as each worshipper dresses how they feel is appropriate. Some choose flowing silks and glittering beads, others choose formalwear, and still others choose nothing at all. Freedom in dress is another that those that follow Pandemonium enjoy.  


Change is Free. The shortened form of "Everything Costs, but Change is Free," this indicates that change is an inevitable, unavoidable part of life to be embraced.   May the Winds Howl at You. A blessing or a curse, depending on context. It is wishing someone a sudden and drastic change in an aspect of their life.   The Self Governs. There is no government capable of looking after a person's needs as efficient as the government of that person themselves.

The Howling Wail