Dictum - Deity

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The Eternal Theorem LN Longsword Law

The Church of Dictum

Dictum, above all else, is law. Scholars say they are also the entirety of the plane of Dictum, and speculate that it is they that create the supplies that infinitely sustain those that live there, including those in that plane's infinite and sparsely habitated Future Expanse. The Eternal Theorem is the concept of order made manifest, and is fighting a losing war against the primordial chaos that is its opposite in Pandemonium.   They are often thought of as a being of pure mathematica, the essence of law and equation and order that makes up the plane itself. They are directly opposed by Pandemonium, and the plane often sends out its axiomatic forces to do battle on proxy planes, both directly in physical conflict and indirectly through influence campaigns.  

Worship and Hierarchy

The church has several structures set aside for its use on Enos, the largest of which is the Centuri Theorem that adjoins the Tower of Law in the center of Centurion. It is from here that Archaxiom Postulate IV rules the other large Corollaries and smaller Lemma churches that are spread across Enos.   The teachings of Dictum pay no mind to the social morals behind the laws, but only says that following order is always the right path. Regardless of the edict or reasoning, the inexorable laws of the universe - laws like change, fate, death, nature, consequence, space, and time - must be followed unerringly, lest the forces of chaos infect and metastasize into the oblivion of entropy.   The Archaxiom leads the church, with Axioms below him responsible for large regions. Conjectives further down administer the faith to local areas, and individual church leaders are known as Proofsmen.   Dictumites are frequently the logically- and mathematically-minded among a given population, and are frequently seen as wizards. This view has nothing to do with their abilities with magic, which are often nonexistent, but rather a preconceived and deeply-held belief among the populace that mathematics is to feared and its well-versed celebrated, if not othered.  


Dictum tradition holds no holidays, but is widely credited with the ordering of The Cronological Calenda} itself.  

Traditional Dress

The devout of the church are often seen in twill cotton pants with matching twill or corduroy dress coats, often with patches on the elbows, which wears out the fastest. Paired with a smart shirt or blouse and black or brown shoe, this dress ensemble is responsible for why most of the non-magical sections of academia in Enos sees its professors dress in such a recognizable way.  


Beyond the Scope. This is such a common saying among Dictumite clergy that those outside the church have taken it to quickly dismiss conversation revolving around complex ideas they only pretend to understand.   Leave It To the Reader. It is best to let others discover things for themselves, with the correct set-up.

The Eternal Theorem