Hadu Hedgehog

Hadu Hedgehog

Nocturnal and solitary, these tiny hedgehogs live in deserts and dry steppes. It has a preference for oases and verdant wadis where more food is available. It might also live in open woodlands, gardens and cultivated areas. Despite their wide range, they are difficult to catch. Their spines are longer than other species of hedgehog but they prefer to run first, curling up with spikes pointed out when caught. Whatever secondary racial magic they have, all variants are able to coat or extend their spines into glassy needles! These are both beautiful and dangerous, razor sharp, and those with Ilnid's Push can even violently eject these spikes in all directions!

Racial Magic

First Ability

Ilnid's Blade

Can generate blades of glass or quartz, forming over and extending their spines. They usually use this when curling into a ball in self defense.
Second Ability

Torith's Aura
Able to summon or generate a type of poison, usually filling or coating their spines. This also renders them immune to poison.

Rylmar's Apathy
Able to block a target's access to emotions, states or memories related to Rylmar such as aspiration, hope, motivation and positive imagination. Used to discourage predators as they attempt to bipass their glassy spines.

Ilnid's Push

Able to produce a blast or pulse which violently ejects it's glassy spines. Any sand nearby is also pushed away from them, moving outward like a sudden and brief sandstorm. They are epicenter of this blast.

Original Ancestor
Paraechinus aethiopicus,
Desert Hedgehog
3-10 years

Length:5.5-11 in (140-280 mm)
Weight:10-18 oz (280-510 g)
Desert and Xeric Shrublands
Arabiyyan Desert, Shamsi Desert
Birit Narim, Balkurtiz
The spines on its back are banded and it has a dark muzzle. In its magic form, its spines appear translucent and glassy. A bluish white or pinkish purple skull pattern marks their face if they have Rylmar's Apathy or Torith's Aura.


These hedgehogs sleep during the day, for as long as 18 hours, resting close to rocks and cliffs for protection—especially from birds of prey. They will also hibernate from January to February or become less active when resources are scarce. While mainly insectivorous, they will eat small invertebrates, frogs, bird eggs, snakes and scorpions when they are available. They usually bite the venom bulb off of a scorpion tail and eat even venomous snakes. Those with Torith's Aura are immune to poison, readily gobbling up venomous prey without hesitation.

Breeding occurs in March after emerging from hibernation. Pregnancy lasts for 30-40 days, giving birth to up to six hoglets. Hoglets are deaf and blind, their spines yet to emerge from underneath their skin, for the protection of the mother during childbirth. Spines begin to emerge within several hours but their eyes won't open until about 21 days. They are then weaned at 40 days old.


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