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Emynea A slightly educational, elemental fantasy where Darkness isn't the true villain

207 AE

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This world was once our own but as we continued to place ourselves above nature and destroy our home, these forces came to life. Earth became a playground for the elements given body and mind: the Erlithmanil. These ten entities reshaped the world anew and laced the land with magic, gifting all life pieces of their power. Every lifeform possesses two such gifts. Now, tens of thousands of years after their downfall, humanity believes they follow their own path.

A diverse empire has spread across three continents in their absence, intent on uniting all of Emynea. Tia Minx was raised away from this empire's influence but her peaceful lifestyle is ripped away under the threat of war. She is ensnared and irrevocably tethered to dark forces and must navigate the pressures and expectations of this militant society alongside her peers, all the while hunted by the king's secret society and another far more mysterious figure.

Many of the articles you will find here were inspired by or pieced together using actual historical events alongside interesting facts about real cultures, geographies and even species. These have been adapted into the world of Emynea and flavoured with a dash of magic (or sometimes far more than a dash!) I hope you enjoy!