Sulini ot’Falagi Jaira Bloodgrass (Sue-LEE-ni ot-fa-LAg-ee Ya-EE-rah Bloodgrass)

The Kimeta, or bladewarden, of the Kwi’Sakdi company

Kimeta Sulini ot’Falagi, Jaira Bloodgrass (a.k.a. Kimeta Sulini) (She/Her)

Hand her scraps of metal, discarded leather and a few sticks and Sulini will hand you back the deadliest weapon in three kingdoms.

I'm glad she's on our side...
Kavi ot’Maninga Sukir Arroweye, leader of the Kwi’Sakdi
It's true that the entire Kwi’Sakdi Company is resourceful, inventive, and well-known for unorthodox tactics to solve a problem. The center, or cornerstone, of the Company is Sulini ot’Falagi Jaira Bloodgrass.
Sulini is the Kimeta of the Kwi’Sakdi Company, which is an uncommon arrangement. Most Kimetas remain close to KaraKorum communities, working their craft there. The ones that travel continue their craft but are often driven by a desire to learn more about armory skills in other lands -- a topic that Sulini is keenly interested in.

Dedicated to the Craft

For Sulini, the act of crafting armor or weapons goes beyond skill or art. This is also a form of meditation for those who -- like most Kimetas of the Orisnuc people -- follow the Way of Oris, the philosophy of the great Orisunuc swordmaster Oris ot'Imana Kuralti Sandswimmer Swiftedge.
But, she likewise pays deep homage to the elements of the Spirit Winds. It's through the Spirit Winds, she feels she can hear the metals and other materials speak when she crafts them into items.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Sulini is in peak physical condition. One of the tallest, and strongest, members of the Kwi’Sakdi, she easily stands out. This gives her an advantage in those times where she has to be intimidating.
Daily work in shaping metals and other materials with forge, anvil, hammer, tongs, and stone is part of her regular exercise. This she supplements with regular, dedicated training and practice with her warhammer and other weapons. Forge and material crafts have speckled her hands with rough callouses, a necessary side effect of being a Kimeta.

Special abilities

Anyone who thinks Sulini is ever 'unarmed' is in for an unpleasant surprise.
Kavi ot’Maninga Sukir Arroweye, leader of the Kwi’Sakdi
Through her studies as a Kimeta, Sulini has become quite adept at the Kimeta's ability to 'summon' armor and weapons she has crafted for herself. She does wear her armor while traveling, but if she's in a situation without it, Sulini can mystically summon her bonded armor and weapons to her. 
Once summoned, the armor will appear on her, tied and ready for use. Summoned weapons will manifest in her hands, leaving her ready for combat or training.

Elemental Insight

A Kimeta learn to study, to ‘hear’, how elements and materials interact crafted items. This allows a Kimeta to see where a crafted item is strong, and where it contains hidden flaws. This includes flaws and faults that are invisible to the eye.
Sulini has a natural talent for this, and took quickly to the training. To this day, she has little trouble seeing the flaws in crafted items from weapons, armor, to even the natural armor of large creatures.

Apparel & Accessories

Sulini, when not working around a forge or wearing her armor, wears typical Orisnuc clothing of wool trousers, linen shirt sewn with a pattern of beads, and a wrap around, calf-length, waistcoat with leather knot-buttons called a ‘masudit’. Boots are ankle high with brocade patterns and worn with leather and wool spats that rise to her knees.
Her hair, which is cut to just past her shoulders, is kept in three long braids when away from the forge or fighting. At the forge, she binds her braids up in a topknot using wooden hair spikes. If she heads off to a fight, she wraps her three braids into a single braid behind her head in the customary Orisnuc ‘fighting braid’ woven with a wool cord.
At the forge, her attire changes. There Sulini adopts the traditional Kimeta working style of a blue beaded leather surcoat, leather work gloves, goggles, and leather greaves embossed with the ancient Orisnuc knots for ‘fire’ and ‘creation’. This is to balance with the blue beads on the surcoat that honor the spirit winds of the grasslands.

Mental characteristics

Mental Trauma

Most of Sulini's life has been one of hard work, study, and enjoyment of life. But she has had her dark moments. One that left a lasting scar.
It was during her time as an apprentice Kimeta when she traveled with her teacher, Kanti ot'Taimina Yesui Ironspeaker, to the town of Rivenspire. There was no 'KaraKorum' at the time but the corrupt Angesh Kingdom. Rivenspire sat along the border between Angesh and the Orisnuc tribes in the far southeast. 
The town was being pressured to swear fealty to the Iron Throne of Angesh, yet Rivenspire refused. Concerned for their safety, Rivenspire turned to the Orisnuc who replied with a small fighting company. 
It was not enough.
One warm evening in the month of Vebel, an overwhelming force of humans, bugbears, and goblins assaulted the town: seasoned mercenaries known as the "Steeljaw Legion". The Steeljaws struck hard and fast, turning a town into a burning battlefield. Sulini, at the request of her teacher, led the survivors to safety with a small part of the Orisnuc fighters. Meanwhile, her teacher, one of the most experienced Kimetas of her generation, fought the Steeljaw Legion to a standstill. 
In the end, the town was ruined, the Steeljaw Legion in shambles, and Sulini's teacher had died. To this day, the events of that day, that helpless feeling of being unable to help straighten a warped course of events, still linger in Sulini's memory.
Those memories have caused Sulini to be over-concerned for her childhood friends in the Kwi’Sakdi. This concern ranges from slightly overpreparing for a trip, to standing vigil over them in battle.
This event also is reflected in her name. To honor her former teacher, and the survivors of Rivenspire, she adopted the name 'Bloodgrass'. Her other name, 'Jaira', was taken from the settlement where she was first accepted as a Kimeta apprentice.

Personality Characteristics


Right a Wrong. A sense of 'justice' for the loss of Rivenspire drives Sulini, sometimes at the worst moments. On occasion, it spurs her to take more risks than she probably should to help friends or their allies.

Personality Quirks

Quiet, serious, and reserved are words often used to describe Sulini. But Sulini is just particular as to who she will have long, rambling talks with. She values efficiency and directness in most conversations. 
This 'efficiency' in conversations makes Sulini very direct when she is talking about a topic, to the point of being blunt. The rest of the Kwi'Sakdi have known her for so long, they don't notice this. For outsiders, Sulini's very direct nature can be disconcerting, a fact that can be slightly confusing to her when it happens.
One nervous habit she has had since childhood is that when deep in thought, or simply nervous, she fidgets. This usually takes the form of rubbing miniature marble hammers that she keeps on an arm bracelet.


Contacts & Relations

Sulini has several brothers and sisters in the ot'Falagi jupeta, which outsiders would call "her Orisnuc family-clan". Most siblings have taken up trades from scout to chef, weaver and more. Sulini is the only Kimeta of her bloodline. She is all too aware of the honor this brings her jupeta, and what a great responsibility it is for her.
On the Kwi'Sakdi
The Kwi'Sakdi is a close-knit group. Sulini has known all the members since they were all children. They don't always agree and sometimes they argue. But no matter what, they are friends. They stand by each other. The arrival of Chaliimriia has added a new mixture to the 'alloy' that is the group she has known, and it's one she believe may be for the better.
On Chaliimriia Goiki
Sulini is delighted that Kavi has shown an interest in anything outside the work as a scout and fighter. Chaliimriia, being a battle priestess, has shown that she may be every bit as capable in a fight as any of the Kwi'Sakdi. Sulini approves of Kavi's relationship so far. She sees this as a chance to learn more about the Samakarii ways, specifically their crafting methods for armor, weapons, and more.
On Myron Ibex, her Apprentice Baker sweetheart
Myron Ibex. She met him over a year ago when the Kwi'Sakdi were sent to deal with a group of bandits who were using wild unicorns to act as 'marauders' to attack and savage their targets. After which, the bandits robbed both the dead and the survivors.
Myron was the baker's apprentice who worked at the Purple Toad's Tavern in the town of Fiddlewuk on the KaraKorum - Merovia border. He may be skinny, a little short at least to her, and has the fighting skills of a fallen souffle, but Sulini finds him adorable. The reason why is that what he lacks physically, he makes up for in other ways. Myron, besides being a Baker's Apprentice, is an accomplished poet and sends poetry about Sulini to her regularly.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Sulini, unlike most members of the Kwi’Sakdi Company, does have a title. She is their Kimeta, or armorer.
Date of Birth
12 Filfast 549 ILC
Year of Birth
545 33 Years old
brown eyes
long, wavy, black hair that sometimes she dyes with red ends
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Smooth green skin
197 lbs
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
  • Common
  • Tempeh (knot-language)
  • Noru (spoken and other writing language)
  • Title/Rank

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