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Pale Rider Opening Credits

Grolm 10, 578
about 3:30 PM

Definitely not the voice of Barry Campbell:

Now to be entirely fair: Miss Sephia did hear some clicketyclack noises which she mentioned to fellow Posse members. But those sounds came from inside the cavate!
So how in tarnation did SIXTY of them varmints manage to all sneak up and surround the SNAFU Posse?!
Any given solitary one Briarseed Child ain't much of a hassle for an experienced Pathfinder. The teensy monsters are barely a foot tall. They may be malicious, sure. I reckon I would not label them "bright", though!
Miro Teague testified a few days ago that these things can band themselves together in threes to present a more aggressive profile. He handled the set he faced right smoothly.
But ... sixty?
In close quarters?
That's a lapir of a different color!
Place your bets quick:
are the SNAFU Posse fixing to engage some fast-talkin' on the basis of that "working on behalf of the Druid Jesse Devonshire to terminate the Troubles" contract they set up back just before midnight on Grolm 8th?
Or will they cut right to the "Burning Ring of Fire" method? With themselves as the baneberry filling?




With special appearance by

One Dangerous Outsider


Time to let the GM know that you are ready to start the reel!

Cover image: by CB Ash


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