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Jamilla Seomok (ʥä.ˈmi.jə sɛ.ˈɔ.mɔ)

"[...]a firebrand, just like your mother."

Jamilla Seomok (a.k.a. Starchaser)

Daughter of a pariah, once belonged to a clan known as the Amuren who made their home on Xiaolung peninsula. This clan is a clan of warriors, who shun magic in any form. Her poor fortune set her with magic in her very bloodline, however, and one fateful evening, as she was being set up for an arranged marriage, and her groom-to-be decided to be a bit antsy and handsy towards her, her innate, bloodborne spellcraft manifested as a burst of light, drawing panic from all over the village. Her tenuous peace in this place had finally been broken, and she knew that she had to act quickly, returning home and gathering those few belongings most precious to her. As she was making to run, though, she was stopped by her father, who had seemingly expected this to happen. He called her a 'firebrand, much like her mother' and parted ways with her by saying "they're coming, go. Go!" and she was shoved towards the back door. Tearfully, she nodded and turned to run, just as the front door is crashed open. For gods know how many hours, she ran and ran. When she finally stopped, she had been brought onto a boat headed for Ukrenil, in the company of a pair of individuals named Master Teng and Yuan Yan. She found herself alone and in foreign lands, with barely a copper to keep her afloat. The longer she spent among them, though, she made some connections, and found a job to tide her over. Years later, while she was watching the starry night sky, a star shot across the sky, dazzling her, reminding her of that flash of light she had produced in duress, and awakening in her a desire to unravel the mysteries of her evidently arcane nature, even if that requires her to wander the world in search of answers. Upon her cheek is the Rimor constellation, which is said to represent a fearless explorer whose name has been lost to the ages.
Current Location
Yellow, referred to as golden by some
Lower-back-length, faded indigo, often kept in a gilded braid.
5' 5"