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These short and stocky defenders of mountain fortresses are often seen as stern and humorless. Known for mining the earth's treasures and crafting magnificent items from ore and gemstones, they have an unrivaled affinity for the bounties of the deep earth. Dwarves also have a tendency toward traditionalism and isolation that sometimes manifests as xenophobia.

Stout and blunt, these mountain, underground, or hill-dwelling humanoids have a love for ale, combat, and well-groomed beards!
The Badürian dwarves have a lot of stigma and infamy to contend with, given that their kinsmen are the ones that forge the shackles for the elves of Belanore.
There was once a clan of dwarves that existed in the region now known as "Singewater", the clan of Thurum. Ilzof Tamairii-Zari discovered and explored the ruins of their home, Ver Thurum, and discovered a tragedy that took place, yet, now all that remains is a mostly collapsed cave hidden under the waves.
  Dwarf Random Starting Ages
Adulthood Intuitive Self-Taught Trained
40 years +3d6 +5d6 +7d6
Table: Dwarf Aging Effects
Middle Age Old Venerable Maximum Age
125 years 188 years 250 years +2d100 years
Table: Dwarf Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 3' 9" +2d4 150 lb. +(2d4×7) lb.
Female 3' 7" +2d4 120 lb. +(2d4×7) lb.