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Inaria is the northernmost continent of Elladia and the seat of The Sanguine Imperium. Consisting of mostly cold, dark and mountainous terrain in the north and beautiful tundras, pine forests and stunning vistas, These lands make up the heartland of The Imperium. The capital city and the seat of power for the Imperium, Rylanus, Is located on top of a gigantic mountain in the northern polar reaches of The continent, that offers it unparalleled protection from invasion than any other settlement in the entire Imperium , not counting its Gigantic garrison. It is also the largest continent on the entire planet, being around 50 percent larger than the surrounding continents of Erinia and Laeria.   The people that live on Inaria are a strong and hardy race of humans that have adapted to the cold harshness of their region. Most of them grow taller and are better adapted to resisting the cold climate of their region. This makes them perfect warriors and legionnaires and many of the elite legions of the Sanguine Army hail from the northern regions of Inaria. In case of emergencies, there are huge stockpiles and reserves of essential commodities such as food, water, shelter and building materials that allow the northerners to survive for quite a long while till they recieve outside aid


The geography of the Inarian continent Varies from the northern and southern parts. The southern parts mostly consist of dense elevated woodlands in the far southern reaches, With pine and coniferous forests and rising terrain as one goes further north. Eventually They give way to permanent snowfields with A few trees here and there and some shrubs growing around. Around the city Of Rylanus, The climate is bitterly cold and dark as a result of the proximity to the north pole of Elladia. The most intriguing feature of this region are the gigantic auroras that appear from time to time and streak across the sky in beautiful streaks of red, green, blue , golden and very rarely, purple and turquoise. The northern polar regions are also quite mountainous, With chains of gigantic mountains rising out thousands of metres into the sky with their jagged peaks. The northern reaches of Inaria are also a very popular tourist destination, as it is one of the few places On Elladia where one can view aurorae.

Flora & Fauna

The flora and fauna of Inaria vary depending on which part one is in. In the south, One can find the large forest wolf which is well known for being one of the fastest animals on Elladia. The trolls however, Rule this part of the continent as the apex land predators, due to their finely developed sense, extreme strength and durability, and ability to regenerate even the most grievous of wounds almost instantly, provided that they have sufficient nutrients inside of them. Dragons are also widespread throughout this region, attacking livestock and sometimes cities for food to feed their young. In the more marshy areas, various sorts of reptilian beasts lie, including the gigantic fire Salamander that manages to strike fear in the heart of even the bravest of Imperial warriors.   In the north, One can find the forest wolfs larger and deadlier cousin, The ice wolf. The polar troll is also found here, which can not only use cryomancy for combat purposes but can also dig underground and has far far more strength than its southern cousins.

Natural Resources

Inaria is the most resource rich region in the entire Imperium. There are huge sources of gold, silver, iron, aluminum and some other rare metals that find a wide range of applications in the Imperium. Mining is quite difficult in the northern parts because of the bitterly cold temperature, snowstorms , blizzards and attacks by wild beasts make operations in this area quite difficult at times. As a result, the mining equipment has to be built sturdily and more ruggedly than the ones in other regions and the mining teams need to be heavily guarded. The southern parts of Inaria are mainly used for growing food for the northern parts while the southern lands receive minerals and other heavy metals from the north.
"Inaria might be harsh and cold but theres a special beauty to living there. You get to experience a type of beauty that few other places in the world can match. The icy landscapes, the beautiful fjords and mountains and the aurorae make for an almost heavenly place of beauty. The people here might be hardy and strong and might come off as cold and uncaring at first glance but once you manage to get past the layer of ice, they will be loyal friends to you who would fight alongside you . I, Hans Christian Danielsen, High Seraph of the Imperium and the beacon of hope for mankind, swear that for as long as i breathe, shall protect this land from any and all that may oppose her"   Spoken by Hans Christian Danielsen during a speech to an annual gathering of soldiers from around the Imperium
  • Map of Continent of Inaria

    A map of the northernmost continent in the world of Elladia

Alternative Name(s)
The northern Lands.
Included Organizations
The Sanguine Imperium
Hans Christian Danielsen
Owning Organization
The Sanguine Imperium
Characters in Location
Hans Christian Danielsen

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13 Mar, 2019 18:47

Heya, ok so inapologizenif this one isnt as good as my other critiques. I'm not a fan of geography so I'm biased. Irsnhard to make geo fun for me. Idk why. either way it seems just fine. Your writing flows ok though I see quite a few over capitalized words. Your detail is pretty good as well. You convey this land very well. Something I don't see is its people. While the sanguine imperium is mentioned you don't tell much of the sentient races here, ethnicity or culture. I'm curious about who lives here, not just the government or nation that is over them. What is it like here as opposed to other regions?

14 Mar, 2019 18:18

Inaria is the northernmost continent of Elladia and the seat of the The Sanguine Imperium.

There is an unnecessary "the" before the Sanguine Imperium.

Why are words like Cold, Dark, Beautiful, Stunning, Gigantic, Varies, Continent, Purple, They, Rule, Gold, Silver, Iron, Aluminum, and Capital City capitalized?

How do the people of the capital deal with the cold climate? What if something disrupts trade between the northern and southern parts of the continent, would the people who live in the capital just die of starvation?

Overall I enjoyed reading the article and the theme that you use seems to fit the world pretty well which is always nice. It would be great if you could make a map that shows what this continent looks like and where it lies in comparison to the other continents.

Keep up the good work; your articles have improved a lot in the last few months!

14 Mar, 2019 20:58

It's a bit on the rough side, I must say. It reads a bit like a school book or encyclopedia. There isn't a lot drawing me into the article itself. I believe that a couple of quotes with stories from people that live here would liven it up a lot and give us a more personal insight into what I'm sure is a fascinating place, but...yeah, brick of text right now.

14 Mar, 2019 22:25

I feel like this article is good, but needs a bit more fleshing out. Describe everything a bit more, just so everyone can get a good picture of what the place looks and feels like. I like the sound of the fauna, though. I also have a question: does the Imperium have the ability to forge Aluminum? I'm not an expert, but I've heard it takes modern equipment to forge it.

15 Mar, 2019 03:56

You detailed the article really well. I got an image of what the place looks like and what might live there. I do suggest adding details on how the people deal with this environment? How they combat the land and its beast? And what makes the land valuable to the Imperium?