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Zane Shadow

Zane ? or at less no one know (a.k.a. Zane Shadow)

Zane Shadow that is one the most Infamous robber of all time. His master of several skill range from breaking in sneaking lock picking forgery painting script, and several other. He also masters using hidden weapons and does mind hurt some that getting in the way. He has stolen several artworks, broke into mason, and other highly important remove the value from them. He likes to make a sport out of it. he does all type jobs get into them in very unquiet ways.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

He grew up in the slum of the city of Reti. He raise by his mom. She did the best she could to make what she could to survive. By age of 9 Zane relzied that they were barely living. So he starts to steal food so they could have a good meal. This how he start learning more from the street and want to get more stuff for his mom. His mom wants him to stop and talk to him several time but at the same time, it was helping them live.  When he was 16 his mom married and he was the man to could provide life for them. Zane has been caught a couple of times but for nothing major. So he knew a bad apple and little troublemaker. With their new life, his mom asks to stop. he says he would and his stepdad help get a job. for years he lived normal life the best he could but he found it boring and did not use his skill to the fullest. until one day he just walking around when someone in all black with a white mask. bumps into them to take his gold when he reflex stole his easel in return. The man turn said, "I was right about you to do you want a more exciting life where use skills to their full and more." Zane did think about he said "yes" "Then get on the train heading to the coast the next morning."  So Zane spent the rest night hang out with mom because of this last life in this boring life. Left her note and left for train got on it. To find the man is The Vanisher he trains next to year after he was done The Vanisher gave Zane The Title and Vanish. So the 20ish year Zane decided to make changes he live two life and both be great theft. one as the legendary The Vanisher and the as Zane Shadow to make name for self see if beat himself.


His Mom thought of Some public education. his biggest learning was the streets had life


Self Employed but every one pay him.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • First time shoplifting some fruit and give to mom so she could eat
  • Getting into Lambo Banking by acting as an inspector of the building get out with large some jewels
  • At Blue Anvil Isle from mayor office stealing the great golden banana
  • Work party at the Lee estate stole his enime 1st edition books
  • at the museum of Nato where it had the biggest BlackFire gemstone is now gone

Failures & Embarrassments

He tries to steal the legendary six Condren rings from Cubbison Mason. He was caught and put in jail 3 days later he got an early release self-given. Then next week The Vanisher    Stole the rings and made off withh them. He hates that he had uses the Vanisher power to get it. it means he still can't beat the title jet.

Personality Characteristics


To become the most Infamous theft and leave his mark on the world

Likes & Dislikes

Like most things in life, he wants to try all types of food life of luxury, and all the treasure in the world. know the one thank that he hates corrupt guards or anyone whose job is to protect and they let or help criminals.


Family Ties

He has a mother somewhere he has not seen since he was 17. he sent her leather on her birthday and his to let her know he still live.

Social Aptitude

He is very well trained to be whatever he needs to be to fit in. He fit with the lowest and with the highest people of the world.
Date of Birth
Year of Birth
30885 36 Years old
Dark Brun Brown
Mid black
Known Languages
Worldest "Common"  Elfish Daven Gnome Ifrit and Orc.

Cover image: by Marc Zipper (Valcin)


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