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Pladyleeum (Plad-E-Lee- um)

Pladyleeum is an ancient Elvin mirror. that was used for communication and travel. That is now long been dormant. It's stood up 8 feet tall in ivory marble that was lighter than it looks. on it's side of the mirror with four buttons with ruins that would light up on top in a three by 3 sequence make the call or to open the gate between another mirror. Between the dial in the lights were a couple of braided Bars and then right below the dialers where is the symbol for sun, plant, and water.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The question that has no answer unless you want to become part of the army of the undead


The time before the vanishing the Pladyleeum we're used to communicate with all four kingdoms and even traveled there. These wonder item gave the Elf bit of an edge when came to traveling and information gathering. They are portable but they are still tall. there have been several found outside of the Kingdom. what can be figured out is that they were you used for going to areas to do the research and then go home or communicate with the team they're working with. During times of war for the scouting party to keep in contact and be able to get reinforcements. Has even been note about having multiple ones and sending out an army to take care of problem. this is what we so far can figure out because during the Vanishing. Everyone was sent out from theDachaigh Ghlic  now to the other Kingdom. When everyone was safe. They were turn off and shut down for ever and it seems like anyone who knew about that as long gone and any records how to make them work I'm most likely in the Dachaigh Ghlic. So for now some of the Elf try to figure out if they can get them to work again. While other is write it down in history book and the rest just move on.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Creation Date
Destruction Date
It stopped functioning in the year 8152
They are found in the three original Elvin kingdoms that survived and the first kingdom on that fell to the undead. There are a good amount of them but none the work.
45 lb
Base Price

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Jan 31, 2022 22:46 by Tris (necromancertris)

They don't call me a necromancer for nothing! Bring on the zombie mirrors!   I love the concept. This article is short and sweet but there is many contrasting elements mixed into it. It sparks curiosity! That's a rare thing to be able to do, when it comes to encyclopedic like articles. Also there is something infinitely amusing to me about useless priceless things :D

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I glade it was amusing and spark your curiosity. Thanks for reading and your comment

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