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Dachaigh Ghlic

Dachaigh Ghlic was the capital and great city of the ancient Elvin kingdom. They were known for having great technology, magic, and culture way ahead of time. Dachaigh Ghlic was the seat of the ancient elf power. This Whole city is made of Brigth Stone with all types of architects and designs made with the stone and into. It was a wonder to behold.

That all changed in one night. When from all directions, skeletons and zombies were descending out of the shadow. Start to attack randomly and everywhere. Guards, mages, and other combat-oriented people tried to protect the people but that was A losing battle. The Riaghladair of the time, call for immediate retreat. Had everyone head to the Illuminated Path , to head to the three major cities. While the military work to slow down the undead approach. After they got all the people they could out. They destroyed the Illuminated Path network somehow permanently locking it down.

The Elvan people assumed that the Riaghladair and his men fought to the bitter end. The city as we know it is overtaken by the undead and in ruins and it's been this way for several 10000 years. The forest has retaken it but has changed it as well. Forest green grassy area seems to be more decayed or morbid. The area when people get near it they have filled an uncertain and dread. Trees it's gotten darker and there are very few leaves on them, they seem to be a dark blue. With all this going on most people avoid this place.

Treasure hunters and adventurers alike want, what the ancient Elvin knowledge and trinkets. All they got to do for this excellent prize. Is to survive a living City of zombies, skeletons, and all sorts of the undead. If that wasn't enough there is most definitely a lich that lives there. so this is not your average ordinary stroll in the park the undead slave. so most likely to get out with something and their lives.

Purpose / Function

It was first is purpose was to be the great Kingdom to help all future and Elvin town city kingdoms. to stay in contact with one another wiser and stronger.   Now it seems to be a place for the living dead and the lich that lives there to do unknown horrors.
Founding Date
Alternative Names
City of Dead, City of Light.

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