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Jin Clay/Stone

The Jin Stone It is a honey-orange stone with a high resistance to all magical energies and extremely high resistance to kinetic force. This Stone material is ideal for construction in areas where magical experiments, spell training, and other magical energy-related activities take place. They can also withstand a lot of kinetic abuse. Make it one of the world's toughest substances.


Material Characteristics

It was honey-orange clay that was warm to the touch in its original condition. When you break or split it apart, it splits into two pieces and chips slightly. It took a lot of power and chilling to break it apart. Back in the day, before they learned what they could do with the clay or how to break it up. When they encountered a  large deposit of it. they referred to it as a dead spot and went somewhere else.

When it's formed into a stone, it's smooth to touch and always seems to feel to be at room temperature. The actual location could be chilly or hot, but the stone will always be around 70°. It retains its honey-orange color while taking on the form and shape created by the artisan.

Geology & Geography

A Small amount of it is present in almost every continent on the planet. The finest location for a large cache of it is in the desert, Fire/Light/Sprit Lay Line  , or volcanic locations. It appears to develop much faster in hot locations than in cold areas. You are unlikely to locate any at the planet's South or North Poles.

History & Usage


Jin Gemintime, a tenacious and prideful craftsman, discovered it how to use Jin clay/stone. Jin was a dwarf who had a fierce rivalry with an Ifrit named Abbey Rivera over who had the best craftsmanship in all of creation. They had created weapons, armor, houses, carriages, and whatever else they could think of. They've used practically every material available at the time. They were nearly on equal footing. One day, Abbey won a competition in which the Lord Marshall chose her design for a jewelry set as a gift for his wife. This handed her two victories over him for the first time in their rivalry. So she started bolstering that she had won their little rivalry.
Then Jin vowed to beat her and permanently silence her. With a chuckle,
Abbey answered, "The only way you'll beat me is if you can ever make something out of orange miner stopper (Jin Clay)."

That was all it needed for him to do the impossible. He'd be down in the mine for months trying to figure out how to break it. Nothing seems to be working on it. Not even when several strong guys hit it with all their force. It just chipped a couple of pieces where it was thin. High-grade magic or explosives didn't even put a blemish on it. It just closed down the mine until they dug it up again. Nothing seems like it would work to break it apart.

Until he came down there one day with his Froamander came with him because she was sick. Trying to figure out how he could mine it. He became so enraged that he grabbed his pickaxe and began swinging at it. As fate would have it, his Froamander sneezed directly on it, freezing it over. When his pick struck the clay, it broke off. He could now take the components and work on it in tiny chunks. As a result of this, he gained some reputation, and the name was changed to Jin Clay because the technique helped the miners being able to remove Jin Clay out of the way if necessary.

Unfortunately, that was the easiest aspect of working with it. He spent the next 14 years figuring out how to make it work. He tried heating, Flash Freezing, and other methods to make it form into a different shape. Nothing seemed to work when he was at his wits end, he threw a chunk of Jin Clay, which landed on various instruments and wind chimes. When he eventually got the clay back, he observed that a small portion of it had changed shape. He guessed that Sonic Waves might do something, so he gathered some scrolls and tried it, and to his astonishment, it was ready to be molded.

His first design was an outlandish trophy that read "Second Best Craftsman in All of Creation." Then he proudly presented it to Abbey.

Everyday use

Jin Stone is usually utilized in buildings with high magical use, magical experiments, training grounds for spellcasters, some jails that house regular people and decent spellcasters, and some secret layers or bases. These are the most common uses of the Jin stone. We have hard of monastery that makes their practice dummy out of them.


It is a trade secret to know how to refine it. To give you an idea, Sonic does allow you to sculpt it, but you must use something to seal it. If you make it too thin, it will lose its defensive capabilities because it appears to absorb and transfer energy through it. So it is not advised to use it for creating armor or other modest defenses.

Manufacturing & Products

Stone Bricks, Statues, Spell targets

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