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Enlighten Ancestors

Enlighten Ancestors or what the elves called the ancient elves from the original Kingdom of Dachaigh Ghlic . They were origin known as Dachi. They were a very powerful Kingdom and rich in culture. They were very advanced in magic, technology, and all other intellectual ideas and discoveries. The reason that they were so highly advanced is that their society believe in the Mastery of One.

Meaning that a person would only focus on one area for the rest of their life. For example a person we've come to a doctor slowly advancing to a specific area of the body. Let's go with the muscular system. They would understand the chemical makeup of the muscles and the in and out of how it worked. Now let's say they discovered something that would help a pulley system. They would write it down in the notes and send it to the people who work on it. Then the mechanics that worked on that kind of system, would take their idea and see if it had any merit. With this type of focus and their longevity, they were able to go beyond most of the societies of the time.

The Enlighten Ancestors believe in and only followed Hikari god of Light . They believe that he was the God of among all other gods and that they were the chosen of Hikari. they believed in him so much that it affected their culture in multiple ways. The colors they used for their art, architecture, and clothing are all of the pastel range of color. They mostly use white and yellows to stay close to the light. Because of their devout belief that they are the chosen of Hikari. They believed it was their responsibility to show other nations and people the way. Even though they was the largest Kingdom on the continent  Japstion. They put advisors at almost all the kingdoms on this continent as well. To help guide them and show them how they could prosper.   What is remembered of the Enlightened Ancestors time.


Common Etiquette rules

How they greeted each other was by putting both their hands together. With their pinky, ring, and middle finger touching each other’s tip and pushing up. With their index is having a knuckles touch as the tip is pointed down. Then their two thumbs are covering the index finger where the tip of it is touching the knuckle. They face each other with this hand shape and bow. Now if it's close family or friends they will push their hands out and touch the other's person hands.

Common Dress code

Most everybody wore a robe or gown. Most of the time white with pastel colors with Celtic designs on them. To show it field they work in or group they're part of. They have a cord that represents that group. Now the warriors and guards of the Kingdom are dressed in a skirt and a shirt for mobility and to be able to add armor pieces as needed. Their outfits are normally yellow and pending upon their duty or rake will have some embroideries in specific pastel colors and symbols.

Art & Architecture

Most of the buildings were built using Brigth Stone . they did this for several reasons, first, they believed that the stone was created by the  God Hikari. Second, it is white and also will glow a little with some magical energy applied to it. Giving some very beautiful and stunning colors to the Kingdom. That can be changed whenever day would like. Finally, it is very durable and mixed with some other stuff can provide a great magical defense. They were masters at molding the Bright Stone that they made such great design in detail into the architect. Giving it such beauty and lovely desires that we know of the Elvin people today. They even write enchantments into it that could be not easily distinguished from the pretty designs they use.

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