Draconic Wunnewalden Druids

The Draconic Wunnewalden Druids are a druidic group based in the Wunnewalden Forest. They claim to be the direct descendends of the followers of Vitukua, who's legendary ascension took place in this region.   They have a deep love for nature, strive towards ascension onto a higher plane and teach about achíeving magical balance while realizing the immense magical potential a person can have. They have an apparent connection to the world's magic and are drawn to the uncommonly many natural sources of magic in the forest. The Druids have recognized an ebb and flow in the world's magic and their rituals and celebrations are centered around this phenomenon.   These magical sources are seen as sacred and almost divine by the druids. Their believe is that they granted both the dragons and Vitukua after him the ability to finally ascend.  


  The Druids are only losely organized but recognize ranks between each other, based on seniority and magical proficiency. The currently strongest druid the Ascending, druids with both significant magical proficiency and age usually take care of small groups of inhabitants in the forest and are called the Forest's Eldest. Druids still trying to reach their potential are not officially named but often are called the Forest's Sprouts by the Wunnekinners.    

Main tenets

Understand the flow of magic through nature
Understanding the flow will sharpen your senses, open yourself up to your own potential and will prepare you for the burdens of the world.  
Respect the flow of magic through time
Understand, that the world, the forest, the people, and even the magic changes over time. Nothing is in a rigid state but everything is always in change. Through this, you will understand your own significance, the cycle and balance and learn compassion for the world.  
Never block or force the flow of magic into unnatural ways
It is natural to have whishes and desires, but these should never be in opposition to the flow of things. Learn to follow your desires while keeping the flow and balance of the world intact.  

Celebrations and Important days

Day of silent flow
On the Day when the ebb and flow of magic completely cancells each other out - which happens twice a year - the druids will gather in a great conference and discuss matters of the forest and the world. They believe that this time is the most neutral and the hearts and minds will not be swayed one way or another by euphoric or depressive emotions. Usually outside diplomates or travellers are welcomend to this conference and sometimes are even given the opportunity to speak.  
Day of Ascension
On the Day of strongest magical flow - once a year in autumn - all communities in Wunnewalden have large celebrations. These are usually accompanied with tests for young people and Forest's Sprouts alike with the latter wanting to ascend into the full Druid status and the former wanting to beginn their druidic training.  
Day of Giving
On the day with the lowest magical flow - once a year in spring the living give to the land to aid its fertility and strengthen its growth in the upcoming seasons. This is usually accompanied with quiet meditation and artistic creation in solitude.
Religious, Druidic Circle
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