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Magnus Schreiber

Manager of Shank's Fighting Pits in Gameria. He apprenticed under the fighting pit's founder Shank for years, and after Shank's murder in 874 he took on the responsibilities for running the pits and advocating for their legalization under Queen Astrid's reign. With support from royal council member Roland Fireheart, the fighting pits were formally legalized in 879. In the years following legalization he expanded the fighting pit business to cities all over Gameth, introducing different types of combat like gladiatorial-style team matches and weapon duels.   Despite some controversies regarding the enslavement of goblinkin for the fights, the fighting pits continued to rack up enormous profits well into the 4th Cycle's tenth century. With popular venues all over Gameth, Magnus became an influential political figure all over Gameth and helped to promote a national sense of unity while issues over technological innovation divided the country. He passed away in 927 but his family continues to operate many of the fighting pits throughout Gameth.
841 927 86 years old
Circumstances of Death
Died of old age
Place of Death
Ruled Locations


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