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Das Vidovic


A human ruler of Glace whose most recent reign as Prime Monarch was from 908-911. He managed to strike a balance between Ludmila's progressivism and Borya's traditionalism during his first term as Prime Monarch, but he remained silent on the issue of the Aurithrym religious movement despite its growing following in the kingdom. In 901 he voted to recognize Aurithrym as the official state religion, ushering in a new era of religious fervor in the kingdom. Despite clear signs that the nation's elven population was declining and emigrating for the Elflands, Das refused to bring the white dragonborn of the Toothless Mtns. into the social contract. He passed away in 912 a year after his last term as Prime Monarch, a well-liked leader whose grandson Karel Vidovic would fail to compete with.
820 912 92 years old
Circumstances of Death
Died of old age


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