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Introduction to the Encyclopedia

This encyclopedia is the main repository of information about the Eberron Next campaign.


Because this campaign is a riff on the existing Eberron world, we won't detail everything in the world, and will only try to focus on the things that are different now, since 20 years have passed after the previous campaign.


There are some changes that are the result of magic/technological changes like the advent of widely available gunpowder weapons. Most of the rest of the changes in the world are a direct result of the world-shaking events caused by the rise and subsequent fall of Levistus.


Dragonmarked Houses are Weaker

While much of their power is coming back, they're not all the way back. Six of the twelve houses were subverted and nearly completely destroyed by Levistus, which was devastating enough -- but the idea that the power of the Dragonmarks might actually be derived from the Overlords has hurt the public perception of the houses -- even those who were not subverted. Then, the difficult deals made with powerful investors to shore up and help rebuild the houses has ended up having it's own price.

  Another issue is the loss of the Tower of the Twelve. A generation of students, and a century of the best minds that the houses had to offer were lost in the destruction of the tower, as well as the greatest repositories of much of their research and knowledge. This is a loss that they have not recovered from yet.  

Learning is on the Defensive

Two major institutions of higher learning and arcane power -- Morgrave Univeristy and the Tower of the Twelve -- were destroyed along with most of their faculty as a result of Levistus' escape and rampage across Khorvaire. There are still important towers of learning, mostly in Aundair (where both Arcanix and the university of Wynarn continue strong traditions of arcane study), it may be a century or more before the arcane development recovers to the point it had before the rise of Levistus.

  Faith is on the Rise One part of like in Khorvaire that did not take much of a beating is the life of the faithful. The reports of the appearance of Couatl during the final battle with Levistus brought many new faithful to the Silver flame, and the church is stronger than ever. Now shrines have started to appear almost out of nowhere, dedicated to the various trickster gods of Omu, a city that was never part of this world.

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