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The most prominent continent on Eberron is Khorvaire. It is a land that has a rich variety of people and environments. Territories vary widely. The blasted landscape of the Demon Wastes borders the lush forests of the Eldeen Reaches. The vast expanse of the Talenta Plains rises into the mountainous Mror Holds, which border the peninsulas and islands of the Lhazaar Principalities.   To the north of Khorvaire is the frozen Frostfell. To the south are Aerenal (the elf nation) and the wild, monster-infested jungles of Xen'drik. The dragon-inhabited continent Argonnessen lies to the east, as does Sarlona, the home of the psionic Inspired.   In the middle of the continent of Khorvaire lie the Five Nations: Aundair, Breland, Cyre, Karrnath, and Thrane. These were once united as the kingdom of Galifar, but they broke apart during the Last War. In fact, Cyre was destroyed near the end of the war and became known as the Mournland. These nations are so populous and powerful that they drive the direction of the entire continent.  


The face of Khorvaire saw many rulers rise and fall before the current age. Long after the demons had been defeated and the goblins' empire had fallen, human settlers arrived on Khorvaire from the continent of Sarlona. Many races, including dwarves and halflings, already had homelands on Khorvaire. humans began to trade with these races and establish ties.   Elves seeking a new way of life migrated from their home in Aerenal. They created the nation of Valenar and settled in many other nations as well. In time, the humans and their allies controlled the entire central region of the continent.   Dragonmarks first appeared on Khorvaire, leading to the rise of the dragonmarked houses as mercantile powers. When Galifar was established, uniting the Five Nations, an age of prosperity and advancement followed. Magic was mastered, leading to the sparkling towers of Sharn, agricultural abundance, and conveniences such as the lightning rail. Galifar encompassed the entire continent for a time, but the Last War splintered the kingdom.   The Five Nations separated again. Many chieftains and would-be kings in uncivilized areas petitioned to create independent nations.

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