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The Last War

The beginning of the "last war" marked the end of the great nation of Galifar and the beginning of the Five Nations fight for supremacy of Khorvaire.   The war culminated in the day of mourning and the nation of Cyre becoming the Mournland in a blast that destroyed the entire nation.   The events of the last war still haunt the whole continent despite no large scale military action taking place in the last four years.   Galifar Calendar remains the most popular calendar in Khorvaire and is how the Last War has been recorded.

  • Therendor 12th, 894 YK

    King Jarot, the last ruler of Galifar, dies.
    Life, Death

  • Nymm 26th, 894 YK

    King Jarot's State Funeral
    Gathering / Conference

    The state funeral for King Jarot was held on the night of the 26th of Nymm with Olarune, Zarantyr and Aryth shining down on the great king.

  • Barrakas 14th, 894 YK

    Mishann formally declared Queen of Cyre
    Diplomatic action

    In late 894, Mishann formally declared herself Queen of Cyre and United Galifar from her capital.

  • Sypheros 28th 894 YK

    Battle of the Galifar Heirs
    Military action

    The first major engagement of the last war, fought on the western shore of Scions Sound, just south of Flamekeep.

  • 895 YK

    First Diplomatic Failures
    Diplomatic action

    Thinking that a negotiated settlement might still be possible, Mishann sought an end to the fighting.

  • Eyre, 895 YK

    The Proclamation of Thalin's Vision
    Religious event

    Fueled by religious fervor, King Thalin believed his destiny was to rule far more than just Thrane

  • Barrakas, 895 YK - Zarantyr, 896 YK

    The First Siege of Eston
    Military action

    The talks broke off when Thrane, Karrnath, and Breland laid siege to the city of Eston in the first extended campaign of the war.

  • Rhaan 10th, 895 YK

    Aundair Raids
    Military action

    Aundair moved aggressively, striking south along the shores of Lake Galifar.

  • 896 YK

    Year of the Long Winter
    Geological / environmental event

    896 featured a largely nonexistent spring growing season and failed harvests across his land which pressed most nations, especially the armies of Karrnath

  • Olarune - Dravago, 897 YK

    First Occupation of Thaliost
    Military action

    Karrnathi forces launched an assault across the White Arch Bridge, occupying Thaliost and other Aundarian lands.

  • Barrakas - Sypheros, 897 YK

    Bounty of Vol
    Religious event

    In the grips of famine, the Blood of Vol provided food to the Karrnathi people

  • Sypheros, 897 YK - Zarantyr, 898 YK

    Plague of Karrn Bay
    Plague / Epidemic

    Unfortunately for Karrnath, no sooner had the food shortages eased than plague struck Westhaven on Karrn Bay.

  • Therendor, 898 YK

    The Sacking of Rekkenmark
    Military action

    Aundair’s armies crossed Scions Sound and overran Rekkenmark and pushed far to the east, even approaching the Karrn River

  • Dravago - Barrakas, 898 YK

    Necromancers of Karrnath
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    During the spring and summer of 898, new armies arose within the catacombs of the City of Night

  • Lharvion 13th, 899 YK

    Destruction of White Arch Bridge
    Military action

    Karrnath navy ships, led by the Bloodsails of Farlnen, sortied into Scions Sound and bombarded the White Arch Bridge

  • Aryth, 899 YK - Therendor, 900 YK

    Surge of Karnnathi Undead
    Military action

    By 900, advanced Karrnathi skeletons and zombies began arriving in large numbers

  • Eyre, 900 YK

    Conflict in the Reaches
    Civil action

    The turn of the century also saw the first of a series of sharp battles between irregulars sponsored by Aundair and Breland in the southern Eldeen Reaches.

  • Rhaan, 900 YK - Lharvion 905 YK

    Second Karrnathi Plague
    Plague / Epidemic

    At the turn of the century, Karrnath suffered a second bout of the plague at home

  • Therendor 19th, 902 YK

    Death of Keeper Jovor Daran
    Life, Death

    The elderly and well-loved Keeper Jovor Daran passed away.

  • Nymm 16th, 902 YK

    Ascension of Keeper Serrain
    Religious event

    After an unusual delay before the Flame indicated its will, a controversial choice was proclaimed.

  • Zarantyr - Therendor, 903 YK

    The battle for Scions Sound
    Military action

    The Thrane and Karrnath navies engaged in a a wide-ranging and coordinated naval offensive against Cyran and Aundairian shipping.

  • Lharvion, 903 YK - Eyre, 905 YK

    Second Siege of Eston
    Military action

    Once again ancient Eston was in harm’s way.

  • Orarune - Nymm, 903 YK

    Fort Zombie and Fort Bones Established
    Construction beginning/end

    Karrnath took advantage of Cyre’s attention at Eston to establish two separate armed camps

  • Therendor, 905 YK

    Karrnathi Plague spread to Thrane
    Plague / Epidemic

    Karrnath’s yet unvanquished plague spread to Thrane, undermining that nation’s means and will to fight

  • Dravago, 905 YK

    Karrnathi Resistance
    Military action

    Wrogar’s diversion of troops to relieve the siege of Eston proved costly in the north

  • Barrakas, 906 YK - Dravago, 908 YK

    Invasion of Cyre
    Military action

    In 906, over a decade after hostilities began, Breland rousted itself enough to launch a major push into Cyre

  • Rhaan, 907 YK

    Valaes Tairn's Mercenary Contract
    Diplomatic action

    Thousands of elf mercenaries came to fight for Cyre

  • Eyre 13th, 908 YK

    Queen Mishann Assassinated
    Life, Death

    Queen Mishann was assassinated by the Order of the Emerald Claw

  • Eyre 15th, 908 YK

    Coronation of Prince Brusst of Cyre
    Political event

    Mishann's son Brusst, was crowned almost immediately becoming the King of Cyre.

  • Lharvion 10th, 909 YK

    Sky Battle of Daskaran
    Military action

    Although it was a relatively minor engagement the Sky Battle of Daskaran signaled a new dimension to the war.

  • Olarune 6th, 910 YK

    Coronation of King Kaius II of Karrnath
    Political event

    King Kaius II took the throne of Karrnath with the support of the realm’s generals, wealthy landholders, and senior priests

  • Dravago, 911 YK

    Shifting Alliances
    Diplomatic action

    Breland accepts Cyre’s offer to help defend against Thrane invaders.

  • Nymm, 911 YK

    Battle of Lurching Tower
    Military action

    The armies of Thrane secure the Lurching Tower, threatening to expand deeper into Breland

  • Therendor 18th - 26th, 912 YK

    The Siege of Arythawn Keep
    Military action

    The army beaten back from Lurching Tower was reinforced and, eager to avenge that loss, advanced against Arythawn Keep

  • Barrakas, 912 YK

    Floating Fortress Chydris Deployed
    Technological achievement

    The first of the mobile fortresses being developed in Breland entered the fray

  • Rhaan 23rd, 912 YK

    Second Battle of Lurching Tower
    Military action

    The massive floating structure Chydris scored a decisive victory against Thrane helping to drive Thalin’s forces north

  • Olarune 3rd, 913 YK

    King Brusst Assasinated
    Life, Death

    Cyre once again lost its monarch to an assassination

  • Eyre 4th, 913 YK

    Coronation of King Connos Cyre
    Political event

    King Connos ascended to the Cyren throne, but the transition did not go smoothly.

  • Nymm 19th - Lharvion 21st, 913 YK

    The Third Siege of Eston
    Military action

    Thrane levies and Karrnathi knights pushed from opposite sides, converging once again on Eston

  • Lharvion 14th, 913 YK

    Invasion of Karrnath
    Military action

    The Aundairian invasion, planned for years launches into Karrnath

  • Zarantyr 2nd, 914 YK

    Mror Holds Independence

    The Mror Holds declared itself a sovereign state at the fi rst Iron Council

  • Dravago 17th, 914 YK

    Death of King Thalin of Thrane
    Life, Death

    After a reign of nearly thirty years, King Thalin of Thrane died of old age

  • Dravago, 914 YK

    Cunvulsions of the Silver Flame
    Religious event

    The faith of the Silver Flame in embraced everywhere in Thrane

  • Lharvion 4th, 914 YK

    Revolt against Prince Daslin ir'Wynarn

    The people of Thrane openly rebel against the crown prince

  • Rhaan 28th, 914 YK

    Theocracy of Thrane Founded

    The Church of the Silver Flame becomes the Theocratic Government of Thrane

  • Sypheros, 914 YK - Vult 915 YK

    Radicalization of Thrane
    Religious event

    Over the course of 915, the nation of Thrane became more extreme in their religious fervor

  • Therendor, 916 YK

    Battle of the Silver Banners
    Military action

    The first military engagement of the new Thrane Theocracy

  • Barrakas 16th, 917 YK

    Escalation of Regional Tensions due to Religious Rhetoric
    Political event

    The most volatile religious leaders considered all the nations around Thrane to be faithless

  • Vult 8th, 917 YK

    Formal Complaint by Breland to the Theocracy of Thrane
    Diplomatic action

  • Vult 25th, 917 YK

    Denunciation of Breland by Thrane
    Diplomatic action

    The Diet of Cardinals denounced Brelish “interference in Thrane’s internal affairs” and strenuously objected when a group of overzealous Pure Land missionaries was turned away at the Brelish border.

  • Olarune 9th, 918 YK

    Destruction of the Glass Tower of Sharn
    Disaster / Destruction

    Unknown Saboteurs destroy the enchantments supporting the Glass Tower in Sharn, one of the city’s oldest floating citadels. While most of the floating citadel toppled into the Dagger River, some of its spires strike the district of Godsgate, shattering buildings and killing hundreds.

  • Eyre 8th - Rhaan 3rd, 918YK

    The Southern Crusade ravages Old Breland
    Civil action

    A peasant army rampages across Old Breland accosting those they identify as Brilish sympathizers.

  • Therendor 2nd - 5th 919 YK

    Battle of Brey River
    Military action

    The first major battle of the Crusade of the Pure Legion and the bloodiest battle in the first 30 years of the Last War

  • Therendor 6th - 21st, 919 YK

    The Pure Legion Crusade pillages Cyre
    Military action

  • Aryth 10th, 919 YK

    Death of Queen Wroann of
    Life, Death

    Queen Wroann finally succumbed to old age. Her reign had been a long and prosperous one

  • Aryth 24th, 919 YK

    Coronation of King Kason
    Political event

    King Kason ascended to the throne. The new king echoed the sentiments of many when he cautioned against too great involvement in “foreign entanglements.”

  • Dravago 16th, 920 YK

    Battle of the Plains of Ghalt
    Military action

    The Thrane army, now fully backed by the church, moved against Aundair in the grasslands east of Ghalt.

  • Nymm 23rd, 920 YK

    Death of King Wrogar of Aundair
    Life, Death

    The indomitable King Wrogar of Aundair died while hunting in the Eldeen Reaches.

  • Lharvion 5th, 920 YK

    Coronation of Queen Wrella of Aundiar
    Political event

    Queen Wrella officially succeeds her father on the throne of Aundiar. The transition was smooth.

  • Barrakas, 921 YK - Sypheros, 935 YK

    Silver Lake Campaign
    Military action

    Aundair irregulars were used southeast of the Black caps and pushed toward the small Thrane garrison in Erlaskar on the shores of Silver Lake.

  • Lharvion 11th, 922 YK

    Death of King Kason of Breland

    Dark circumstances claimed the life of Breland’s monarch. During a summoning, a demon broke free and consumed the king and three of his closest advisors.

  • Aryth 17th, 922 YK

    Marriage of Queen Wrella of Aundair and Deggon of Cyre

    Queen Wrella of Aundair’s betrothal and marriage to Deggan of Cyre (younger brother to King Connos) was announced to great acclaim in both lands.

  • Vult 2nd, 922 YK

    Brask declared Regent of Breland
    Political event

    Five months after the death of the King, Regent Brask was finally able to consolidate power. One of his first proclamations it an account of the former king’s folly.

  • Eyre 3rd, 923 YK

    The Battle of the Greenhunt
    Military action

    In response to the stories of demonic forces in Breland and the denunciations by the church, the Pure Legion and Legion of Perpetual Adoration gathered in southwestern Thrane and marched south.

  • Eyre 5th, 923 YK - Zarantyr 6th, 924 YK

    The Brelish Crusade
    Military action

    Emboldened by their victory in the Battle of the Greenhaunt, the Thrane legions turned against Breland with full force in high summer, almost cutting the country in half.

  • Rhaan 1st, 923 YK

    Birth of Prince Aarott
    Life, Birth

    A year after the marriage of Queen Wrella and King Deggan, Prince Aarott of Aundair is born.

  • Aryth 15th, 923 YK

    Death of Queen Wella and King Deggan of Cyre
    Life, Death

    These years of celebration in Aundiar soon turned tragic. The queen’s floating coach was surprised by a flight of Thrane wyvernriders ranging deep into Aundair.

  • Zarantyr 8th, 924 YK - Sypheros 11th, 925 YK

    The two-year peace
    Diplomatic action

    In 924 and 925, the fighting faltered as all the combatants paused to regroup. Raids against neighbors were minimal, and no major invasions of territory were launched. This would not last.

  • Sypheros, 925 YK

    The famine of 925 YK
    Disaster / Destruction

    Harvests failed in Breland and Cyre, and their armies began to seize food supplies in any lands they occupied. Thrane rejoiced, and the Keeper hinted that a divine hand was acting against her enemies.

  • Aryth, 925 YK

    Redeployment of armies of Aundair
    Military action

    Aundair’s Regent Marlex, securely in power now, concocted a bold scheme in late 925. Troops would be stripped from the static Karrnathi campaign, including the garrisons over the key supply line across Scions Sound, in order to reinforce the two towers operating in western Thrane.

  • Therendor 3rd, 926 YK

    The Northern Crusade and the Sacking of Thaliost
    Military action

    Taking advantage of their superior intelligence, the Cardinals gathered another army of faithful, this time at Flamekeep.

  • Eyre, 926 YK

    Purge of the Silver Flame in Aundair
    Religious event

    The response in Aundair over the sacking of Thaliost was bitter. When rumors spread that a Silver Flame spy had betrayed the country, citizens sacked Silver Flame temples and facilities and even lynched the high priest in Fairhaven.

  • Eyre, 926 YK

    The Occupation of Thaliost
    Military action

    Despite setbacks, Thrane retained and tightened its grip on conquered Thaliost and the surrounding lands.

  • Lharvion 14th, 926 yK

    First Battle of the Crying Plains
    Military action

    Aundair poured its rage into its originally planned assault, striking east from Ghalt. The Thrane forces slowed the Aundairian advance and even repelled an opportunistic Brelish raid near Cragwar. At midsummer, Aundair and Thrane met for the second battle at the Crying Fields.

  • Dravago - Sypheros, 927 YK

    The siege of Thaliost
    Military action

    The Aundairians did not give up. In 927, the Grand Army of Liberation marched into the Silver Wood and surged toward Thaliost. This was Aundair’s most desperate attempt to retake its pre-Galifar capital.

  • Aryth, 927 YK

    The Shameful March
    Military action

    In the end, the Aundairians were forced into a harsh retreat toward Kerkulin, beginning what came to be known as the Shameful March.

  • Barrakas 1st - 26th, 928 YK

    The revolt of Thaliost

    Emboldened by Aundair’s action the prior year and led to believe that magical support might arrive to strengthen their hand, the commoners of Thaliost revolted.

  • Rhaan 22nd, 228 YK

    The Second destruction of the White Arch Bridge
    Disaster / Destruction

    Saboteurs used powerful magical fire to destroy the White Arch Bridge, severing the lightning rail link between Thaliost and Rekkenmark.

  • Sypheros 10th, 928 YK

    Founding of Q'barra

    Ven ir’Kesslan led four thousand settlers on an arduous voyage along the coast to southeastern Khorvaire to birth the nation of Q’barra.

  • Vult 3rd, 928 YK

    Coronation of King Boranex of Breland
    Political event

    King Boranex was crowned, although he had effectively assumed power from Regent Brask when he came of age in 927.

  • Sypheros 4th, 929 YK

    The First Battle of the Plains of Talenta
    Military action

    Cyran forces are ordered to strike into the Talenta plains and to annex lands owned by Karnathi forces, but find themselves outmatched by the local tribes.

  • Dravago 4th, 930 YK

    The treaty of Hatheril
    Diplomatic action

    Due to mounting autrocies the Church issue a formal apology for the actions of zealots, this culminates in a cease-fire between Breland and Thrane.

  • Dravago 25th, 930 YK

    The sacking of Metrol
    Military action

    The Karnath forces launch a surprise offensive into Cyre culminating in the Battle of Metrol and its pillaging.

  • Barrakas, 930 YK

    The Famine of 930 YK
    Disaster / Destruction

    The news of the sacking of Metrol muted the news of Northern crop failures across Khorvair. This famine hit Karrnath the hardest of the five nations.

  • Rhaan 23rd, 930 YK

    Karnath demands Surrender
    Diplomatic action

    In the fall of 930 YK, Kaius II offered harsh terms of surrender to King Connos and the kingdom of Cyre. King Cannos rejects the offer using the events to his diplomatic benefit.

  • Sypheros 12th, 930 YK

    The Diet of Cardinals Condemn King Kaius II
    Diplomatic action

    Thrane’s Diet of Cardinals, whose proclamations concerning its long-time ally had been muted to this point, condemned Kaius II and announced that Thrane would no longer support its northeastern neighbor.

  • Sypheros 16th, 930 YK

    King Boranex rebukes Karrnath
    Diplomatic action

    After the slaughter at Metrol, King Boranex severed ties between Breland and Karrnath. In response, Kaius II ordered a series of raids against far western Brelish outposts.

  • Aryth 11th, 930 YK

    Lord Kron and Karrnathi senior staff assassinated
    Life, Death

    The afterglow of the triumph at Metrol quickly turned sour as much of the senior leadership of the Karrnathi army is killed over internal politics.

  • Olarune 10th - Sypheros 21st, 931 YK

    The Northen Campaign
    Military action

    Both Cyrn and Aundair counter-attack deep into Karrnath in a campaign that leaves armies in place until 935 YK

  • Dravago 19th, 934 YK

    Second Battle of the Plains of Talenta
    Military action

    In an effort to secure Eastern Karrnath the Eastern Star Legion defeated a force of halfling tribes and secures the good behavior of the northen tribes of Talenta.

  • Sypheros, 935 YK

    End of the Silver Lake Campaign
    Military action

    The forteen year-long stalemate between Aundair and Thrane in the area around Lake Galifar is ended when Breland deploys the fortress Argonath to secure the Blackcaps.

  • Nymm - Rhaan, 936 YK

    The first Siege of Korth
    Military action

    Exploiting vulnerabilities in the Karrnathi lines the Cyrn northern front breaks through and instigates the unsuccessful siege of Korth.

  • Rhaan, 936 YK - Aryth, 940 YK

    The Scouring of Karrnath
    Military action

    Though the siege of Korth was lifted, Cyran forces continued to hold parts of southern Karrnathi until late in 940. Raids throughout Karrnath were common at the time.

  • Aryth 28th, 936 YK

    Death of Keeper Serrain
    Life, Death

    After 34 years as Keeper of the Flame, and 22 years as the leader of the Theocracy of Thrane, the keeper died of an unknown ailment.

  • 937 YK

    First Battlefield Constructs
    Technological achievement

    Using the designs of the silver pyromances House Cannith perfects the construction of the mechanical horse and puts it into large-scale production.

  • Lharvion 12th, 937 YK

    Ascension of Keeper Tagor

    It took months after the death of Keeper Serrains before the Flame spoke about ascension. Keeper Tagor was proclaimed and acsended on Lharvion 12th.

  • Sypheros 18th, 938 YK

    The Battle of Marsden Field
    Military action

    The battle where the first Clockwork Charge took place.

  • Vult 6th, 939 YK - Therendor 14th, 940 YK

    The Second Siege of Korth
    Military action

    A short a relatively peaceful siege of Korth by Aundair forces.

  • 940 YK

    The boiling of the Cauldron
    Military action

    The area around Vathirond became a war-torn region through the 940's with the region changing hands often, this lead to it being known at the Cauldron.

  • Rhaan 1st, 941 YK

    Coronation of King Aarott of Aundair
    Political event

    An uneasy transition of power from Regent Marlex to Crown Prince Aarott ended in the coronation of the new King of Aundair.

  • Nymm 19th - 21st, 942 YK

    Third Battle of the Plains of Talenta
    Military action

  • Nymm 20th, 942 YK

    Death of King Cannos of Cyre
    Life, Death

    King Cannos fell in the second day of the Third Battle of Plains of Talenta.

  • Barrakas 4th, 942 YK

    Coronation of Queen Dannel of Cyre
    Political event

    The controversial coronation of the young Queen Dannel, only seventeen at the time of her Coronation.

  • Eyre 27th, 944 YK

    Capture of the City of Lathleer
    Military action

  • Aryth 12th, 944 YK

    Defection of Kaldor Ravalon
    Life, Relationship change

  • Dravago 5th, 945 YK

    Death of Daslin, Blood Prince of Thrane
    Life, Death

    Daslin, the Blood Prince of Thrane, died in his sleep at his hunting lodge.

  • Barrakas 12th, 945 YK

    Confirmation of Ervivon, Blood Prince of Thrane
    Political event

    Erivon ir’Wynarn is elevated from regent to prince in a small ceremony, while still not much more than a figurehead celebration is still held throughout Thrane.

  • Rhaan, 946 YK

    Deployment of the Silvereye Marauders
    Technological achievement

    The first squads of silvereye marauders were unleashed against Thrane enemies. Others were built to guard the temples of the Silver Flame.

  • Olarune 20th, 946 YK - Nymm, 16th, 950 YK

    Fourth Siege of Eston
    Military action

  • 947 YK

    Plundering the Cauldron
    Military action

    In 947, Thrane conducted a campaign of plunder throughout the Cauldron.

  • 948 YK

    Pacification of the Cauldron
    Military action

    In 948, the Cyran lords based in Kalazart and Saerun decided that the raiding had to be stopped and brought in thousands of Talenta halfling mercenaries.

  • 949 YK

    Pillaging of Thrane
    Military action

    However, in 949, the halflings decided (in their tribal way) that they should march against Thrane to restore Cyre’s honor.

  • 950 YK

    Escalation in the Cauldron
    Military action

    Forced to abandon the siege of Eston, Soldiers of the Legion of the Pure sacked Starilaskur and engaged Valenar mercenaries in Breland's employ south of Vathirond. Farther west, Thrane overran Cragwar and Sword Keep, driving Brelish troops south to Hatheril.

  • Therendor 8th, 950 YK - Rhaan 18th, 954 YK

    Occupation of Silver Lake
    Military action

    A large Brelish force crossed Silver Lake and occupied Sylbaran, Greenblade, and Erlaskar. Resistance proved to be minimal, primarily coming from the bandits active in the area.

  • Zarantyr 26th - Vult 19th, 951 YK

    The Twin Sieges
    Military action

    Thrane also moved in force against both Tower Valiant and Tower Vigilant, seeking to crush Aundair's strongest border defenses.

  • Eyre - Rhaan, 951 YK

    Battles of the Greenhaunt
    Military action

    The armies of Thrane and Breland clashed again at Cragwar and Hatheril.

  • Rhaan 27th, 953 YK

    Sack of Westhaven
    Military action

    The Aundairian navy and Dragonhawk Riders reduce the privateer port of Westhaven to charred ruins and ash.

  • Olarune 8th, 954 YK

    The Looting of Alvirad
    Disaster / Destruction

    A bandit army seized and looted the city of Alvirad with no support from the armies of Aundair.

  • Lharvion 7th, 955 YK

    Second Battle of the Crying Fields
    Military action

    The most famous battle to have taken place on the Crying Fields, thousands perished in a single day of fighting.

    Related Location
    Crying Fields
  • Barrakas, 955 YK

    Cardinal Yisek's Defiance
    Diplomatic action

    Cardinal Yisek began to speak out against the carnage, claiming that too many had been sacrificed for too little his voice is silenced as the convictions of more war-like diet is reinforced when Breland, Cyre, and Aundair press the attack.

  • Sypheros 22nd, 955 YK

    The Razing of Niern
    Disaster / Destruction

    A bandit army razes the town of Niern after looting and terrorizing its citizens, petitions to the armies of Aundair fall on deaf ears.

  • Dravago 25th, 956 YK

    Declaration of Sovereignty of the Valenar Nation

    The elves claimed domain over “ancestral lands,” and an army of elf mercenaries made themselves the lords of southern Cyre and declared the newfound sovereignty of the Valenar nation.

    Related Location
  • Nymm 4th - Rhaan 27th, 956 YK

    The Greenheart Campaign
    Military action

    The Wardens of the Wood raise the army of the Greenheart and in a single season crush many of the bandit armies ravaging the Eldeen Reaches.

    Related Location
  • Aryth, 956 YK

    Despair of Queen Dannel
    Disaster / Destruction

    Queen Dannel, frustrated and distraught about continual setbacks, and enraged by continued incursions in the Cauldron crept toward an emotional precipice. The loss of the southern territories pushed her into deep despair that wreaked havoc on Cyran coordination.

  • Zarantyr 23rd, 958 YK

    Independence of the Eldeen Reaches

    The Wardens of the Wood, under the guidance of the Great Druid Oalian, announced the new nation’s neutrality and marched against any forces that threatened their new-found independence.

  • Therendor 9th, 958 YK

    Renunciation of the Cyran claim to Galifar's Throne
    Diplomatic action

    In an effort to redeploy Aundairian forces King Aarott makes a proclamation withdrawing troops from Karrnath, and claiming that Aundair would only fight to restore its pre-war boarders.

  • 959 - 965 YK

    Rise of the Warforged Titans
    Technological achievement

    House Cannith introduced the fully autonomous Warforged Titans to the battlefield, though these constructs were unstable they were capable of delivering massive damage, but were vulnerable to massed troop formations.

  • Eyre, 959 YK

    The Western Pacification Campaign
    Military action

    His military consolidated, King Aarott personally led the Army of Western Pacification into the Reaches in 959YK.

    Related Location
    Eldeen Reaches
  • Eyre 18th, 959 YK

    The Battle of Silver Lake
    Military action

    In an attempt to ensure his legacy King Boranex launches a pacification campaign into the Eldeen Reaches, it is short-lived, ending in a loss at the Battle of Silver Lake.

    Related Location
    Eldeen Reaches
  • Dravago 2nd - Lharvion 9th, 959 YK

    The siege of Cragwar
    Military action

    Although largely occupied in the Reaches, Aundair took advantage of Brelish and Thrane distractions and launched a strike force south against the depleted Thrane garrison in Cragwar. After a short siege, that city fell in 959YK.

  • Olarune 25th, 970 YK

    Battle of Marguul Pass
    Military action

    Darguun's declaration of independence from Cyre caused little concern in Breland. The goblinoids’ treatment of Brelish settlers was a far different matter—the public demanded retaliation. This outcry was the lead up to the disastrous battle of Marguul Pass.

  • Therendor 15th, 961 YK

    Death of King Kaius II of Karrnath
    Life, Death

    According to proclamation, King Kaius II died as any Karrnathi monarch should—leading his troops.

    Related Location
  • Eyre 25th, 961 YK

    Coronation of King Jaron of Karrnath
    Political event

    After a royal tour King Jaron is coronated and finds the country is eager for a more aggressive approach.

    Related Location
  • Nymm 2nd, 961 YK

    Death of King Arrott of Aundiar
    Life, Death

    King Arrott of Aundair died fighting against Eldeen raiders in the west.

  • Lharvion 3rd, 959 YK

    Execution of the Ambassadors of the Eldeen Reaches
    Diplomatic action

    Princess Barvette took the throne upon her father's death. Crown-princes avenged her father’s death by imprisoning and then executing the ambassadors that the Eldeen Reaches had sent to Fairhaven to sue for peace.

  • Barrakas 7th - Rhaan 10th, 961 YK

    The Brelish Siege of Cragwar
    Military action

    The forces of Breland launch a siege to take the rich mines of Cragwar, but the siege exacts a high price.

    Related Location
  • Sypheros 16th 961 YK

    Death of King Boranex of Breland
    Life, Death

    One month after the Seige of Cragwar the bedridden and broken-hearted King Boranex died. Rumors circulated that he had simply lost his will to live.

  • Aryth 11th, 961 YK - Lharvion 14th, 962 YK

    Siege of Shadukar
    Military action

    After the Karrnathi army takes the City of Shadukar by surprise, the armies of Thrane set up a siege to break the occupation of their city.

  • Vult 18th, 961 YK

    Coronation of King Boranel of Breland
    Political event

    The coronation was a swift and simple affair, “as befitted a land at war,” according to Boranel.

  • Zarantyr 28th, 962 YK

    Marriage of King Boranel

    King also showed that his personal losses had not dampened his lust for life. By marrying a Cyran, he proclaimed that love overcame any politics.

    Related Location
  • Olarune 8th, 962 YK

    Coronation of Queen Barvette of Aundiar
    Political event

    With her official coronation, the Queen announced launched another series of incursions into the Eldeen Reaches in an escalation of the Pacification Campaign.

    Related Location
  • Dravago 27th, 962 YK

    Peace Treaty of Swordkeep
    Diplomatic action

    In an attempt to get out of a four front war, Thrane seeks an end to hostilities with Breland.

    Related Location
    Sword Keep
  • Barrakas 24th, 962 YK

    Breland - Zilargo Alliance
    Diplomatic action

    Due to the alliance between Breland and Zilargo the gnomes granted Breland exclusive services of their bound elementals.

  • Eyre - Nymm, 963 YK

    Bombardment of Koth
    Military action

    Thrane launched a daring Naval Campaign against Karrnath in 963 YK culminating in the bombardment of Korth.

  • Barrakas - Vult, 963 YK

    The Thaliost Incursion
    Military action

    Striking back Karrnath launched an into the nation of Thrane, attempting to extinguish the Silver Flame. Fighting around Thaliost was fierce for over five months.

  • 962 - 964 YK

    Cyre Regroups

    After years of relative peace in Cyre the army began to incorporate the new War Forge and recover bringing Queen Dannel out of her depression.

  • Dravago, 964 YK

    Pillaging of Saerun
    Military action

    The city of Saerun was overrun and pillaged by a massive goblinoid raid from the south of Cyre.

  • 965 YK

    Birth of the modern Warforge
    Technological achievement

    Due to massive casualties for Warforged Titans the nations of Breland and Cyre requested that they be scaled down and made reliable. Thus House Cannith created and birthed the modern warforged in their creation forges.

  • Rhaan - Sypheros, 967 YK

    The Fairhaven Crusade
    Military action

    The Cardinals, seeking to put an end to the four-front war formed a campaign to capture Fairhaven, losses were heavy on both sides but Aundair beat back the invading forces of the Silver Flame.

  • Therendor 20th, 968 YK

    Birth of Prince Brusst of Cyre
    Life, Birth

    Young Prince Brusst of Cyre was born, named after Queen Dannel’s grandfather. The joy of Queen Dannel promised to usher in a new era of prosperity.

  • Lharvion 10th - 27th, 938 YK

    Third Battle of the Crying Fields
    Military action

  • Barrakas 4th, 969 YK

    Death of Prince Brusst of Cyre
    Life, Death

    The joy of the nation of Cyre was short-lived, as Brusst the Younger died in infancy sending the Queen into another depression.

  • Rhaan 9th - Aryth 14th, 969 YK

    The Hobgoblin Rebellion

    As the decade came to a close, the south erupted. Acharismatic tribal leader named Haruuc led a hobgoblin rebellion.

  • Aryth 26th, 969 YK

    Founding of the nation of Darguun

    The nation of Darguun was born in blood out of the hobgoblin rebellion. Cyran and Brelish folk who lived there were either slaughtered or enslaved.

  • Dravago 17th, 971 YK - Vult 22nd, 973 YK

    Third Siege of Korth
    Military action

    Showing some signs of recovery, Queen Dannel ordered a new offensive against the hated Karrns in 971. The Cyran forces, heavily supplemented by new warforged units, once again pushed north and laid siege to Korth.

    Related Location
  • Nymm 6th, 971 YK

    Destruction of Fort Light
    Military action

    Aundair's arcane siege engines pummeled Thrane's western defenses and destroyed Fort Light. The retreating Thrane soldiers entrenched at Sword Keep, keeping Aundair from sweeping across southern Thrane. A nearly simultaneous Aundairian strike toward the city of Daskaran was repelled, and its advance into northern Thrane stalled.

    Related Location
    Sword Keep
  • Vult 12th, 972 YK

    The Winter Assault on Korth
    Military action

    After a fairly inactive seige the winter of 972YK brought a rare cold-weather assault on the walls of Korth which would have major implications for Karrnath.

  • Vult 12th, 972 YK

    Death of Prince Drago of Karrnath
    Life, Death

    King Jaron’s eldest son Prince Drago was killed in the pivitol battle of the Third Siege of Korth, in the Winter Assault.

  • Vult 17th, 972 YK

    Death of King Jaron of Karrnath
    Life, Death

    Five days after being wounded in the Winter Assault on Korth it is proclaimed that King Jaron died and that he has a newborn son, Prince Kaius.

  • Vult, 973 YK

    The Rise of Moranna of Karrnath
    Military action

    With Cyre pressing the attack on Korth, the sister of King Jaron marshals forces from Atur and drives the Cyran force into a retreat following another unsuccessful assault on Korth.

  • Nymm 12th, 974 YK

    Moranna of Karrnath declared Regent
    Political event

    Given her relief of Korth, it was not surprising that Moranna became regent the next year.

  • Lharvion 19th, 974 YK

    Battle of the Ten Bombards
    Military action

    No sooner had she consolidated power than Aundair struck by sea. This assault culminated in the Battle of Ten Bombards, a midsummer naval engagement.

  • Vult 3rd, 974 YK

    The Rekkenmark Raid
    Military action

    The infamous raid on Rekkenmark by Thrane's Wyvernrider marked a new kind of war between Karrnath and Thrane, one marked by heavy civilian casualties, indeterminate bombings, and purposeful destruction.

  • Barrakas, 975 YK

    Collapse of the Western Pacification Army

    The sorry remnants of Aundair's Army of Western Pacification retreat east of the Wynarn River.

  • 976 YK

    Order of the Emerald Claw declared Outlaws
    Diplomatic action

    Regent Moranna of Karrnath stunned her country by outlawing the Order of the Emerald Claw. Though internal grumbling about the influence of the Emerald Claw had long existed, none foresaw the regent’s seizing of the order’s barracks and arresting of its most active knights.

  • Dravago, 976 YK

    Krazon's Southern Crusade
    Military action

    In the spring of 996 YK, the new Southern Crusaded pushed south, retaking the buffer zone created by the ceasefire with Breland. King Boranel reacted forcefully, rushing north with an army that included large numbers of newly purchased warforged.

  • Eyre 23rd, 979 YK

    The Sacking of Arythawn Keep
    Military action

    Embarrassed by Thrane's abrupt change in stance, Cyre decided to retaliate. A Cyran army, supported by masses of warforged, laid siege to Arythawn Keep.

  • Aryth 26th, 979 YK

    Death of Queen Barvette of Aundair
    Life, Death

    Queen Barvette of Aundair succumbed to a magical illness. Rumors spread that Emerald Claw assassins had stuck again, perhaps hoping to restore their favor with the Karrnathi monarch.

  • Zarantyr 3rd, 980 YK

    Coronation of Queen Aurala of Aundair
    Political event

    The transition to power of Barvette’s daughter was relatively smooth, and Queen Aurala was crowned in 980. The new queen found herself ruling a nearly ruined country. Her reign would be marked by shrewd diplomacy and a newfound restoration of the nation.

  • Eyre 9th, 980 YK - Lharvion 2nd, 981 YK

    Siege of Angwar Keep
    Military action

    The Karrns sail across Scions Sound and occupy the Shadukar Peninsula, sieging Angwar Keep for over a year before retreating back to Korth.

  • Barrakas 9th, 982 YK

    Breland - Darguun Alliance
    Diplomatic action

    After a major battle between Brelish forces and forces of the Darguul warlord Unndral Ochsesser. King Boranel makes a secret alliance between the two nations with the intent of fighting Thrane.

  • Nymm 24th, 983 YK - Lharvion 20th, 984 YK

    The Great Eastern Crusade
    Military action

    Taking advantage of Breland's distraction with Darguun and Aundair's continuing retrenchment, Thrane crossed Scions Sound and launched a massive western offensive against Cyre.

  • 985 YK

    Liberation of Old Breland
    Military action

    Supplemented by the goblinoids, Breland took the Brey Crossing bridges, seized Castle Rhonewatch in a night assault, and made long-term plans to hold Old Breland; it had been, after all, Brelish land only two generations prior.

  • 986 YK

    Defiance of the Lhazaar Principalities

    By his deeds and words, Ryger showed that Lhazaar would bend knee to no outsider. From that point on, no body of water was truly secure.

  • Olarune 13th - Vult 26th, 986 YK

    The rampage of the Daughters of Sora Kell

    A trio of hags known as the Daughters of Sora Kell arrived in far western Breland.

  • Rhaan 21st, 986 YK

    The Warforged Decree
    Diplomatic action

    King Boranel championed legislation in the Brelish parliament known as the Warforged Decree, recognizing warforged as sentient beings and granting them the rights afforded to all Brelish citizens.

  • Barrakas 21st - 24th, 987 YK

    Battle of Cairn Hill
    Military action

    The battle that ended the Brelish liberation of Old Breland. The battle was a large conflict fought between highly decorated armies.

  • Rhaan 1st - Sypheros 19th, 987 YK

    The Graywall March

    The loss of Old Breland was not the only one King Boranel suffered at this stage. The king decided he could no longer defend the western plains. Troops sealed off the land west of the Graywall.

  • Aryth 10th, 987 YK

    Declaration of the Independence of Droaam

    With the last of the foreigners captured, killed, or driven off, the Daughters of Sora Kell proclaimed a new state of Droaam.

  • Olarune 27th, 988 YK

    Brelish Recognition of Valenar Independence
    Diplomatic action

    Worried about the build-up of Warforged troops in Cyre King Boranel recognizes Valenar as a sovereign state to get a discount on elf mercenaries.

  • Nymm 8th, 988YK

    Cyran recognition of Darguun Independence
    Diplomatic action

    Worried about the political embarrassment of Breland recognizing Valenar as a sovereign state Cyre recognizes Darguun in order to secure goblinoid mercenaries.

  • Aryth 28th, 988YK

    Non-hostility Pledge between Thrane and Breland
    Diplomatic action

    In an effort to reduce the number of potential active fronts both nations negotiated a cease-fire and non-aggression pact.

  • Vult 21th, 988YK

    Death of Erivon Blood-regent of Thrane
    Life, Death

    Erivon ir’Wynarn, blood regent of Thrane, dies of a sudden stroke.

  • Zarantyr 10th, 989YK

    Confirmation of Diani, Blood Regent of Thrane
    Political event

    Diani succeeded her father, taking the title of Blood-regent. Since that time, Blood Regent Diani’s pronouncements have been far more supportive of Thrane and the Keeper, and far less of the Diet of Cardinals.

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  • Barrakas 13th, 989YK

    Disaster of the Brass Plains
    Disaster / Destruction

    An experimental House Lyrandar airship crashed a few miles west of Daskaran (Aundair). An unbound fire elemental razed a nearby forest and two villages before Thrane soldiers destroyed it. The apologetic dragonmarked house made reparations by donating funds to Thrane's war chest.

  • Rhaan 2nd - Vult 6th, 991YK

    The Mror Holds Campaign
    Military action

    Regent Moranna decried “the dwarven conspiracy” and turned her ire against the Mror Holds. With a core of elite commanders and troops, and a substantial number of tireless undead, the attack might have worked, if Karrnath had kept some element of surprise.

  • 990YK

    Deployment of Elemental Airships
    Technological achievement

    After the Plains of Brass disaster, subsequent airship tests were far more successful, and in 990YK, the first elemental Lyrandar airships entered service.

  • 992YK

    Warforged of the Silver Flame
    Religious event

  • Therendor 24th, 990YK

    Battle of the Long Night
    Military action

    Valenar troops, as likely roving the plains looking for battle as working in the employ of Cyre, attacked and raised Fort Bones (Karrnath) in the Battle of the Long Night.

  • Dravago 26th, 991YK

    Battle of Fort Orcbone
    Military action

    The first incursion of Droaamish forces into Brelish lands ended in the battle of Orcbone Keep, where veteran forces repelled the monstrous hoard.

  • Nymm 22nd - 25th, 991YK

    The Assault of Sharn
    Military action

    An audacious and spectacular sea-borne assault. In conjunction with Lhazaar warships and marines, Karrnathi bone knights and undead reached the shores of Breland and launched an attack on Sharn.

  • Nymm 19th, 992YK

    Coronation of King Kaius III of Karrnath
    Political event

    After Regent Moranna was forced out of power due to the disastrous events of 991YK King Kaius III is coronated.

  • Lharvion 8th, 992YK

    Marriage of King Kaius III and Aerani of Karrnath

    The king next surprised the nation by marrying Etrigani, an Aereni diplomat who had appeared in his court.

  • Zarantyr 26th, 993YK

    Death of Keeper Tagor
    Life, Death

    After almost sixty years at the forefront of the Light, the ancient cleric and the twelfth Keeper passed away.

  • Olarune 17th, 993YK

    Ascension of Keeper Jaela Daran
    Religious event

    The Voice of the Silver Flame almost immediately called Jaela Daran as the Thirteenth Keeper of the Flame. As is the case with most new Keepers, the preternaturally self-possessed six-year-old had no difficulty assuming power.

  • Therendor, 993YK

    The final Diplomatic Failure
    Diplomatic action

    As one of her first actions Keeper Jaela sued for peace with Queen Dannel of Cyre, hoping to repair the damage wrought in the failed alliance against Karrnath. Not surprisingly, her overtures were rebuffed.

  • Nymm 24th, 993YK

    The Sacking of Atur
    Military action

    Cyre launched a deep-strike invasion of Karrnath aimed at the undead-producing crypts of Atur. Dodging around Deneith-protected Karrlakton, a large Cyran army conducted a furious assault that left the city in ruins.

  • Vult, 993YK

    Joint Operations of Thrane and Breland
    Diplomatic action

    The Thrane and Brelish pact remained strong, and skirmishes along their mutual borders were nearly nonexistent. The two countries stepped up relations and plotted a joint invasion of Cyre.

  • Olarune 11th, 994YK

    Sacking of Kennrun
    Military action

    Marching south of the usual battlefields in western Cyre, the vanguard of the Brelish- Thrane army quickly overwhelmed Kennrun and surged across northern Darguun.

  • Olarune 18th, 994YK

    Invasion of Southern Cyre
    Military action

    Advance forces reached the place now called the Field of Ruins. There, the invaders paused to await the bulk of their troops before shifting northeast to storm Making (Mournland).

  • Olarune 19th - 20th, 994YK

    The final Battle
    Military action

    Following the advanced forces, the main armies of Thrane and Breland met their advanced forces and pushed north meeting the Cyran force for what would be the last major engagement of the war.

  • Olarune 20th, 994YK

    The Day of Mourning
    Disaster / Destruction

    The devastation was not limited to the battlefield on the Saerun Road—what is now the Field of Ruins. The rolling hills to the east of the battlefield became a plateau of jagged glass. To the north, a chasm opened in the earth, glowing with a cold purple light. A choking fog erupted in cities across central Cyre, killing every living thing it touched as it expanded to define the current borders of the Mournland.

  • Aryth 11th, 996YK

    Treaty of Thronehold
    Diplomatic action

    Mostly due to fear leaders from the remaining nations met at Thronehold. The participants agreed to recognize Aundair, Breland, Thrane, Karrnath, the Talenta Plains, Zilargo, Q’barra, the Lhazaar Principalities, the Mror Holds, the Eldeen Reaches, Darguun, and Valenar as sovereign nations. When the question of Cyre arose, Queen Aurala gave voice to a widespread sentiment: “Cyre no longer exists.”