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The SKN Leviathan Sea Serpent

The SKN Leviathan Sea Serpent was a Kaiyocean Sky Driver, made as part of their aerial navy. Created to lead the charge in The Period of the Ocean's Expansion, The Leviathan was a huge creation, using the best in Kaiyocean plastic shaping, weaponry and military organization. Boasting a 750ft length, and a width slightly less than half of that. The Leviathan Sea Serpent was of a unique class of Kaiyocea's creation, the Flagship class. Inside of it's U-like structure, it had 4 ports for Travelers or smaller, or 2 for Barragers or similarly sized Sky Drivers. Inside, these Drivers were protected from harm by armor, Arcanarms, and shrapnel cannons. The SKN is shaped much like a coral reef, and has numerous Dart docking points along the outside, giving the impression of a heavily armored beehive lookalike.
However, the SKN Leviathan Sea Serpent's life was shorter lived than most Sky Drivers. After an attack on Najm Ramliun, the Leviathan was ordered to move to The Metal City, Cuciler for an aerial assault. Along the way, however, the Leviathan would meet it's doom. The story goes that along the way, the Leviathan interpreted a wandering tribe below with Stonewalkers to be a military force. This tribe was known as the Tepetl tribe, and few survived the barrage of shots laid down by the Leviathan. However, those who did managed to escape, running forward into a Deconstruction Zones. It is said that as they sheltered in hope of surviving a second wave, the land shaped around them, shielding them. As the Leviathan advanced, it crossed the border, something no Terr'ainan would ever make a mistake of. Stone spears, as if dropped by a gigantic being, pierced the Leviathan, it's armor doing little to protect from the mass of stone and earth. As it fell to the ground, increasingly large columns of stone fell from above, pinning it and dooming it to a rest in the sandy wasteland. Bavi'kaan did not participate in the Period of the Ocean's Expansion, as it was said the deities were disallowed from major intervention. But that day, it is said he was at his Yan Ban board, placing spears. The ruins of the Leviathan are still there - Bavi'kaan either has forgotten, or seems content to let it remain.

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