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Tio Patchfur

And so it begins, the great rolling and screaming.

I am MUSTARD INCARNATE! I CRAVE CHAOS!! Mother! Relinquish me from my divine imprisonment swing!
— Tio
No one quite understands where the rolling yellow ball of destruction and doom originated from, not even his own "mother" Igni. Much like his brother Clamato, he mysteriously appeared when Igni and her friends woke up from a night of slumber. His presence was immediately discovered via the screams of pain from Demetrius, as the rolling mustard sphere had began eating some of his cornrows. While his appearance and birth remain a mystery, it is quite obvious what Tio demands, no, requires. He's an agent of chaos and manipulation, and he'll stop at nothing to achieve his goals.  

Physical Description

Tio exists as a rolling yellow ball. Closer inspection of his flesh reveals it to actually be a combination of tomato skin and minotaur hide, leaving a smooth, leathery sense of touch to whoever may have contact with him. His body weight is supported by four nub-like arms on the center underside of his body. A collection of facial features including a pair of eyes, snout, mouth and teeth are present along the front end of his body. Brown stripes along his top half and near his eyes are similar in appearance to the stripes of the tiger Felynin, though no relation between the two actually exists.   Several of Tio's features actually denote him as a cow or minotaur-adjacent creature. Complimenting his facial appearance are a duo of cow ears and a pair of curved bull horns. A small patch of dried bush leaf at the center of his head acts as his hair, though it is dry and prone to cracking when touched. A small furry tail that covers his butt protrudes from the end opposite his face.   While he may appear somewhat threatening for a creature of his size, do not let the facade fool you. He's an adorable little cow-minotaur-baby-thing. And he knows how to use his charm and looks to get what he wants.  

Turning up the Charm

Tio was born with the ability to speak both Common and Slyvan languages, unlike his brother. This gives him the unfair advantage of being able to communicate not only with Fey beings, but also with normal society. A truly horrendous fate for any man who comes cross this spherical unit of demolition. Amongst the confines of Igni and her party, Tio's manipulative ability is minimized because of how well the party understands how he thinks and plans his next move. But when met with a simpleton or unaware bystander who makes the foolish decision to interact with him, Tio's power knows little boundaries.   First he strikes by pitching his voice to imitate that of a human toddler. Once that sucks the unaware bystander into his grasp, Tio gives them a cow-puppy eye look, draining his facial expression of all deviance, malice and malevolence, replacing it with the confusion, misunderstanding and naivety of a lost baby. At this point, the battle is already lost for the poor soul handling Tio.
You're really pretty miss. Not as pretty as my mommy, though. But you might be able to be even more pretty if you go and rob the makeup store! If you do, can I pleaaseeee have some gum and candy too?
— Tio suaving on a poor woman who doesn't know
  Truly a monster, capable of waging wars and razing lands, leaving nothing left alive. Who can stop this madness but his mother, who dares put him into the confines of the baby swing!
— Haha, get swinged, IDIOT

The Crimes of Tio

Below is a list of assorted crimes and misdemeanors committed by the rambunctious fruit.
  1. Ignored his bed time.
  2. Pooped on Gampy Lumps' bed.
  3. Multiple acts of tossing his older brother like a dodgeball.
  4. General disturbing the peace via means of existence.
All charges were dropped in a court of Defense Force 12 law on account of how Tio refused his court date. He somehow convinced a traveling merchant to slip him into his cargo hold and he subsequently took a cross-continent trip across Chromaticos,
C'mon mister! I wanna see the world! This prison cannot hold me any longer. Free me from this swing and take me on the pilgrimage I deserve!
only returning one day later when he realized he was homesick. He convinced the same merchant to turn around, despite being over one hundred miles away already.
I miss my mooooom! I miss Gampy, and my brother, and Uncle, and I WANNA GO HOOOOME!

Mental Characteristics

Tio may be the physical incarnation of chaos itself, but at heart, he is still an innocent and young creature. While he thinks he understands the depths of complex decisions like leaving home, not keeping himself clean or manipulating others into sometimes dangerous tasks, that level of emotional intelligence has not developed. He lacks the capability of considering consequences to his actions. All he thinks of are the immediate benefits to him and how a decision will allow him more freedom, more food, etc. There is no level of maturity behind his eyes, merely the wishful thinking of a child that doesn't know any better.   He cries when he's lonely, he gets upset when he hasn't had food or nap time. Even when he convinces one of Defense Force 12 into a potentially threatening situation, he doesn't want to see them get seriously hurt. When the failed Joint Group Escort Operation  resulted in the "death" of Demetrius, Tio spent a full day crying over his lost friend, even refusing to eat for a time in his grief. Deep inside that sphere-shaped exterior lies an extensive amount of love for the people who he sees as family. While he wants the best for himself, he also wants to see them succeed, so long as they also do his bidding.   Master manipulator or not, he's still a child at heart. Pure, uncorrupted by true hate and capable of loving anyone. The Defense Force is lucky to have him with them, but he's even luckier to have a group like them as his family.
Chaotic Tomatio
Current Status
Trying to eat Demetrius' cornrows and sow the seeds of chaos.
Year of Birth
3045 EoD 1 Years old
Parents (Adopting)
squinty black beads
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
mustard yellow fur/tomato skin
5 lbs.
Aligned Organization

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