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Rock Bat

Basic Information


This creature resembles the typical species of bats that flit around at night, with a relatively short body, two short legs, and two enormous winged arms. The head consists of two large black eyes, two elongated ears, a stubby nose, and mouth full of razor sharp teeth. However, the main difference is that instead of having thin skin covered in hair, this one seems to be made entirely out of stone. The hard rock even appears to grow into tiny imitation hairs, the teeth, eyes, ears, everything is composed of some sort of elemental bio-organic stone.

Genetics and Reproduction

It is unknown at this time if these creatures reproduce the same way as our native bats or even if they reproduce at all.

Growth Rate & Stages

Growth seems to occur slowly and takes a very long time. The more they age, the bigger they get, and it is not known if there is a limit to either their size or age.

Ecology and Habitats

Rock Bats are typically found only in the deepest recesses and caverns underground. They have been known to follow mining tunnels and natural fissures to the surface, but rarely if ever venture outside. Deep in the caves, the bats make their roosts among the cracks and stalactites of the ceiling. Here they have the advantage of height and can quickly fly away from danger or towards a potential prey source.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Little is known of the exact food requirements of the Rock Bat, but it seems that they have a taste for both blood and stone. Although not truly vampiric, they have been known to attack a variety of creatures and drink their blood. Most usually a lone sleeping animal's skin is cut by the bat's sharp teeth or claws, spilling the blood upon which the bats begin to lap up. More rare but not unheard of is when a similar instance occurs in the midst of battle with one of the bats. It is believed that these bats must be in a starvation mode.   Additionally, some bats have been observed to eat rocks containing iron ore. Their sharp teeth and claws have no problem breaking the rocks from the cavern wall and their powerful jaws quickly consume the rocks. Sightings have also shown some Rock Bats regurgitate their stomach acids in order to dissolve portions of the rock walls to help them in reaching the iron ore.

Additional Information

Social Structure

These bats are unusually solitary creatures, but have been seen to roost up together when inhabiting newly found areas.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Several unusual, round, black, glassy stones have started to be seen and used as payment in many underground cultures. Their owners claim that they are the eyes of Rock Bats.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

It is believed that the Rock Bats originate from the elemental Plane Of Earth and venture to our plane by accident. It is said among the dwarven people that when they dig too deep, through the densest of stone, that they may break the barrier between planes creating a rift. They call this a Rock Rift. Many Rock Rifts were created during The Sundering and The Binding and these Rifting events brought forth many new creatures for the underground folk to deal with.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Short studies of the Rock Bat have shown that it has incredible eyesight, seeing perfectly in pitch blackness and also has an amazing echolocation hearing system, allowing it to fly at fast speeds through stalactite filled caverns. Recent dissections have also uncovered a magnetic sensory system, presumably to assist in navigating the planets magnetic field, allowing it to find its way back to its roost. Heat sensors also permit the bat to find where the blood flow of their prey is closest to the surface, allowing for more efficient feeding. Their anticoagulant saliva enables the blood to continue to flow while the bat feeds.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

Rock Bats have been known to carry several forms of disease, parasites, and infections. These have been mostly detrimental to dwarves and other underground dwelling species. The Silicos Plague that infected Guan Din is one such dangerous disease.
Scientific Name
Chiroptera Desmodus Saxum
Unknown, though it seems that the older they get the larger they grow.
Conservation Status
This creature is extremely rare on this planet and most people have no knowledge of its existence. As such there is no protective status afforded to this bat. Additionally, due to their disease carrying nature, they are actively hunted and exterminated when found.
Average Height
About 2 feet tall with older bats attaining much taller heights.
Average Length
The average wingspan for a typical Rock Bat is about 6 feet. Although larger ones are rumored to have been seen.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Rock Bats appear to come in a variety of shades of brown, red, and grey, and will begin a slow color adaptation to whatever base color their roost is.
Geographic Distribution
“Ok, so you’re saying that you need one of these bats Clara?”   “Please, Muzlor.”   “Don’t sound too difficult. We’ll just skewer one for you with a long spear.”   “Well, the bats seem to be made out of stone and blend in really well.”   “Stone eh. Well a big hammer should shatter it. We’ll bring you the pieces.”   “Um. I need it alive, please.”   “Great. Anything else?”   “Well, it flies really fast.”   “Of course it does. And?”   “And it has great hearing and can hear you coming before you get there.”   “Oh. Guess we’ll take off our boots and armor and sneak in.”   “It also has great vision, so it can see you once you get there.”   “We’ll just hide then.”   “It can see your heat too, even around objects.”   “Great. Anything else? Do they breathe fire or sing songs?”   “No. Well, they can spit acid at you.”   “Great Malleus’ Beard! And you want us to bring you one of these?”   “Well, I kind of need a few actually. Please.”   “Grshmet...”   “Please remember that they need to be alive. Thanks.”   “Bloody healers. The things I gotta do…”
Conversation between Murzlor Greyaxe and Clararton Bartolara in Guan Din

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