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The Dragon's Eye Gulf

The Dragon's Eye Gulf is located south of Sudland and is the mouth of the Dragon's Eye River. At its widest point, it is about 50 miles (80 kilometers) across. The waters of The Dragon's Eye Gulf are relatively shallow, but deep enough for larger sailing ships to pass. The water is muddy and full of silt, bits of vegetation, and the occasional corpse washed out to sea by the Dragon's Eye River. The weather, waves, and currents can be unpredictable, but experienced sailors able to read the weather and currents can make the passage from the gulf into the river.   The air over the gulf is often filled with ash and smoke blown out from the great volcano on The Dragon's Eye island. Entire ship crews have been lost to poisonous gases that sometimes lay over the waters of the gulf, especially nearer to the island. These ghost ships are occasionally found dashed on the shores of Sudland. Finding a ghost ship laden with treasure is an adventurer's dream, but the undead crew often still onboard are also an adventurer's nightmare.   Royal Family of the Kingdom of Sudland maintains a fleet of four small sailing ships at Southport that patrol the Dragon's Eye Gulf to prevent smuggling and raiding of merchant ships. They are mostly unsuccessful.   Pirates and raiders of the The Red Flag Fleet occasionally appear in the gulf, especially when ships carrying valuable cargo from Senyon, or further abroad, are making passage through the gulf. The Red Flag Fleet appears to have good intelligence on cargo movement going into and coming out of the Dragon's Eye River.   Smaller fishing boats venture out into the gulf, but stay near the shores. There is abundant fishing at the mouth of the Dragon's Eye River, especially near the outlets of smaller streams and rivers that empty into the river and the gulf. Fishermen fear the smoke, ash, and poisonous gases found more often further out into the gulf, and rightly so. Tales of sea monsters in the gulf near The Dragon's Eye are told in the taverns of Southport and Southport Ferry. No one wants to be the one to confirm the truth of them.
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Floe Derkakshi
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