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The Denunciation of Debena Mastrez Diriat'Siltevelar

"Debena Mastrez Aelriat'Siltevelar, you are accused of practicing foul and demonic necromancy. How do you respond?" The voice of the Gowriat of Justice, Gehina Fiana Gowriat'Zaquarn, rang out from her seat at the Bench of Trials in the Court of Denunciation.   "I respond with this, bitch!" Debena spat on the floor. She knew any defense she might try had no hope of success, anyway. And she would not turn on her House, even if it was just the cast out House Siltevelar. She shouted, "You are all hypocrites! Weaklings! Afraid of the true dark! Afraid of the power that we of Siltevelar possess, even the power over death itself! Cowards!" The Gowriat of Justice waved her hand, and the big male guard next to her clubbed her on the head, hard, knocking her to the floor and leaving her stunned and nauseous.   "I've heard enough and had enough of your disrespect, Siltevelar wench," Gehina said. "Strip and bind her. She has admitted to her crimes." She tossed the Mark of Denunciation onto the floor in front of Debena. She continued, "Debena Mastrez Aelriat'Siltevelar, you are denounced! You are no longer Drow. You are forever erased from memory and your name stricken from all records. No one shall speak of you. You exist no more. You will be cast into the Well of the Lost." She said to the male guard, "Do it."   Sazzok Tygowriat'Zaquarn smiled to herself. Another of the few competent Aelriat of Shulvallriel Tygowriat'Siltevelar's removed. That accursed House would never be allowed to regain any prestige or power. She would see it wiped out completely, exiled from Isolabirre forever, as soon as she could. Their stupidity and intransigence could not be allowed to endanger herself and Isolabirre.   The guard ripped the thin prisoner's gown off of her, then grabbed Debena by her hair and dragged her across the floor out of the Court of Denunciation through the back doors. Hauling her to her feet, he frog-marched her about fifty feet over to the precipice of the Well of the Lost. The gaping black maw of the bottomless pit filled her eyes, and her mind filled with despair. Her knees buckled. He threw her in.   The guard watched for a moment as Debena clutched at the air and screamed as she fell, like all the others. She dropped out of sight before her screams faded away, like all the others. He allowed himself a small smile. He enjoyed his job.
Debena Mastrez Diriat'Siltevelar
Debena Mastrez Diriat'Siltevelar by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)
The Denunciation of Debena Mastrez Diriat'Siltevelar

Cover image: by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)


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