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House Siltevelar

House Siltevelar is the least of the Drow Elvirim noble Houses of Isolabirre. It is headed by Shulvallriel Tygowriat'Siltevelar.   House Siltevelar was cast out and almost completely destroyed by House Zaquarn and House Alierma for practicing forbidden necromantic arts. It was forced to move to the Far Depths of Isolabirre. Barely considered a noble House anymore, House Siltevelar has only about 75 members remaining, fewer than some clans of commoners. Shulvallriel Tygowriat'Siltevelar does not attend meetings and House Siltevelar has no part in the Council of Houses, unless the Interface, Sazzok Tygowriat'Zaquarn of House Zaquarn demands her presence.
Geopolitical, Great house
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