Episode 01 | Orientation Day

Quindyn, Zkah, Odilie, Sly, and Grace Holiday are the newest heroes of Vantam and they are open for business.   A contract from an anonymous patron was their chance to make a name for themselves, not to mention, a few scales. The job was simple, escort a wagon of unknown cargo across the city at night. The catch, do not allow city Enforcement to search it. This caveat was made difficult because of the checkpoints dotting the streets of Fogdowns, but they had options.   One, was a checkpoint near a construction site offering plenty of cover to move cargo away from prying eyes. Another, was a checkpoint manned by an Enforcement officer known to be open to friendly business arrangements. The third option was for the heroes to trust their own wits and hope they can talk their way through an unknown checkpoint. After some careful scouting, the heroes decide that a little bribery is in order. They waited for the sun to go down to begin their work. Their first stop was Tas Callum’s Brewery, a tavern run by a clever alchemist in Fogdowns. Using a secret passphrase, they heroes gained access to Callum’s office and their cargo. It was a large, sealed box, contents unknown. Their job isn’t to ask questions, it’s to make a delivery.   The enforcement checkpoint was no problem once the heroes place a few silver talons in the right hands. They paid the toll and made their way through the quieter streets of Shorebend in short order. As they crossed the port district, they were waylaid by unknown enemies posing as their patron. Odilie saw through their ruse when one of them messed up the secret passphrase. A short, bloody battle ensued. Though the heroes defeated their attackers, a daring enemy managed to commandeer the wagon bearing the cargo. The chase was on. The heroes rushed after the wagon, trying to keep it in sight as they vaulted debris, dodged automaton sentries, and choked their way through a cloud of toxic gas.   Their quarry’s overconfidence was their undoing. Thinking they’d lost the heroes, they pulled the wagon into a boathouse, hoping to take the cargo out to sea. The heroes crept their way through the warehouse, but their enemy was not alone. A vicious velociraptor leaped from the darkness as the party tried to recover the stolen goods. The fight was nearly Sly’s last, but the heroes emerged victorious.   They proceeded to their rendezvous with all haste, and met their anonymous client in the alley behind the Jade Cat. Their patron was magically blurred to hide their features, and the odd tenor of their voice indicated it has been magically altered for anonymity. He or she revealed that they were aware the cargo would be attacked, and the heroes were bait to flush out a traitor. The client offered the heroes a little something extra as an apology for the danger. The heroes returned to The Sanctuary, exhausted, wounded, but a little richer.   Several days later, as the heroes looked out over the quiet city, a tremendous explosion ripped open the Tower of Mortal Studies and Necromantic Applications in the very heart of Vantam. They watched in awe and horror as the sky began to burn.
Belson Freeladle
Tas Callum
Kendel Cever
The Anonymous Client
The Sanctuary
Tas Callum's Brewery
Jade Cat
The Roasted Rooster


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