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The Witch in the Woods

Written by ninne124

Loua Althea Ashmire

Loua is a young Spell-caster with a seemingly ordinary life. She makes a living by making medicinal blends with her mother in her hometown of Briarholm. However, she's more than just a herb-specialist, though she does her best to keep this a secret. When darkness falls and the townspeople stay locked inside their safe homes, Loua spends her time trying to drive away the dark monsters that crawl through the streets of Briarholm.  
This particular night had been quiet, and I had been foolish to let my guard down. In a moment of stupidity, I was overpowered by a dark entity.   That night, I almost lost my life to the shadows, but I didn't. I can't recall how I got away from there or how I made it out unscathed. All I remember is that someone carried me to safety. When I awoke, I was all alone.   Could there be another magic user in town?
Or perhaps a creature from the forest came to my rescue?
— Entry from Loua's diary


Loua is the youngest child of Nellie Ashmire. Loua has an older half-brother named Jesden who she cares for very much. Jesden's father is dead and Loua's father never even knew that Nellie was pregnant, so the two siblings have never had a father figure in their life. However, if anyone insinuates that they're worse for it, both Loua and Jesden will go on a rant about how their mother is the best parent anyone could ask for.   Loua and Jesden are quite close, but recently he hasn't been living at home. He moved to one of the bigger towns to get a shot at landing a well-paying career as a blacksmith. The only blacksmith in Briarholm already had an aprentice, and so Jesden had to look elsewhere.   Since Jesden moved away, it's just Loua and her mother. The two of them get along splendidly and Loua has already found her calling through her mom: medicine-making.    

Magical abilities

To most in the town, Loua is nothing but a common young woman and the only interesting thing about her is who her father might be. But Loua is quite unusual. She was born with a Fae Mark. A Fae Mark can only be bestowed on someone by a Fae at some point in their life, or inherited through blood. It's only possible to inherit it from one's parents as the mark is worked into the person's genetics and is a dominant trait to inherit.   Loua was born with the Light Mark something that can only be bestowed by Light Fae. Neither Loua's mother nor half-brother have a mark, so Loua must have inherited it from her unknown dad.   The Mark enables her to cast spells, possibly of all kinds. Light Magic comes to her the easiest and Dark Magic is the most difficult to perform. If she ever wanted to cast a Dark Spell, she'd have to train for years.  

Magical Mastery

Due to the Fae Mark, Loua has a great potential for magic and the opportunity to learn it. However, as magic is highly controlled and policed in Dysvoll, and at most times also disliked, Loua hasn't had much of a chance to be taught magic by anyone. Briarholm doesn't have any other spell-casters, and so Loua has had to discover how to use magic for herself, with differeng levels of success.  


The people of Fennlad are usually quite pale with black hair and blue eyes. However, Loua is none of those things. She's tanner in the winter than most people get in the summer, her hair is red and her eyes are hazel. All of these things are considered to be foreign traits.  
Though Loua will never know who her father was or where exactly he was from, the best guess anyone could make would be that he was from Kanden, perhaps either Hanalund or Elken.   Hanalund is admittedly the most realistic contender, due to their striking similarity to Loua.
She is a strange one, that Loua.   Sweet girl, but anyone who doesn't know her would be surprised to see her in the countryside, far away from any area often visited by the northern traders.
— citizen of Briarholm
Fae Mark:
Light Mark
Year of Birth
1562 ADF 22 Years old
Current Residence
Dark ginger
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light tan
168 cm

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