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Slightly unhinged at birth

Gruffler are strange, small creatures who have the general appearance of a small fur-ball with a set of big dark blue eyes eyes. It is quite small, even when fully matured and can easily be held in one hand. They are mainly found in the middle parts of Dysvoll, with the highest concentration of grufflers being in Ashilder, Fennlad and Minnaha.  

The strange fur balls

The gruffler was discovered in the modern times by Cynthia Cavendish, a well-known explorer. She found the small creatures on her third expedition around Mid-Dysvoll and kept a record of their appearance and living places.  

It lives!

She stumbled across them by accident, as she was traversing one of the forests of the area. Here, she kept seeing these small clumps of fur. She thought it was shedding season for a large animal and was very wary to keep watch out for any potential danger. However, when she accidentally kicked one of the furballs, it squeaked and scurried off.  

An interesting creature

The curious little furry creatures were quite odd compared to other animals seen in the areas. When the small grufflings first pop out, they're about 1-2 cm and only vaguely fluffy. During the next two weeks, they grow about 2-3 cm. The baby grufflings have an interesting talent. They can unhinge their jaw so they can gulp down insects, even when they are quite big compared to the newly birthed animals. They're still able to do this as they grow older, but since it isn't needed, it's rare to see a grown gruffler unhinge its jaw.
Gruffler by Ninne
Gruffler, done in paint with a touchpad mouse, it's all I had access to, I apologise.

5-10 years
Average Height
  • Body: 10 cm
  • Legs: 4 cm
  • Full height average: 14 cm
Discovered by

Cover image: by Ninne124


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