Cynthia Cavendish

Professional Explorer

Cynthia Cavendish, otherwise known as Cavendish the Explorer, was a well-known adventurer. She went on many expeditions in her life to better her understanding of the world around her. She kept records of all of her travels, which she later rewrote and published so that the public may have access to the information she had uncovered.  
Miss Cavendish was an extraordinary person, with a thirst for knowledge and a heart meant for exploration.   She has contributed so much to the historical and archaeological societies and uncovered much knowledge that would might not have been uncovered without her.

The Life of an Explorer

Cynthia was born in Kentla, Elken and was the third child from a group of five siblings. Her parents were pretty well-off city-dwelling people, and while they weren't exactly lavishly rich, they did not struggle either. Her father was a merchant and her mother was an intellectual, with a minor degree from the university of Kentla.  

From books to exploration boots

Cynthia enrolled at the university at the age of 18, dreaming to become an archaeologist, but it was not to be. After struggling with keeping up with her academic study life, she decided to abandon her studies and make an interesting life for herself. She had gotten herself affiliated with the Dysvollean Archeological Society before her eventual dropout, and kept in touch with them throughout her life as an explorer.   At the age of 20, Cavendish went on her first exploration. She travelled to lesser-known areas in her home nation of Elken, and uncovered multiple spots that could possibly be of interest to the archaeological society. When she returned from her travels, she sent them a letter to let them know, and they used her travel logs and diary to locate the areas.   Due to Cynthia's tip, the Archeological Society uncovered multiple historical artifacts that are still displayed in the University Museum in Kentla. The area of the museum these items are displayed in, is named "Cavendish Hall" after Cynthia, as a thank you for all the information they got from her throughout the years.  

A plethora of Knowledge

Through her many years of exploring, Cynthia went on a total of 17 known travels. All of the original records from the travels are safely stored at the University Library in Kentla after her death in 1468 ADF. The library also holds a copy of each of the books she eventually wrote based on her travel notes.   Cavendish decided to write these books, as much of the knowledge she'd gathered was unknown to many. She decided, that if people wanted to know more, she would make sure she enabled them to get a hold of what she had learned throughout her own life.   The first book she published was about her third exploration travel. It was named An Exploration of Mid-Dysvoll, and detailed her trip around Ashilder, Fennlad and Minnaha.
1409 ADF 1468 ADF 59 years old
Kentla in Elken
Dark Brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light tan
An Exploration of Mid-Dysvoll
Document | Jul 28, 2022

A record of Cynthia Cavendish the Explorers travels of three mid-dysvollean nations.

Dysvollean Archeological Society
Organization | Dec 17, 2021

An organisation which focuses on "uncovering" the truth about human ancestry and history.

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