WorldEmber 2020 Pledge

This WorldEmber, I hope to flesh out and complete as many stub articles as I can. However, to keep my world building from pulling me away from story writing, for every word of worldbuilding I do, I will match it in my manuscript. Feel free to follow my progress below. My manuscript is currently private and being edited for (hopefully) publication, but if you are interested in reading it, please follow me and let me know in the comments so I can add you to the reading group.  

Articles under WorldEmber 2020 Pledge


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13 Nov, 2020 17:12

Way to keep yourself organized. Big props!

14 Nov, 2020 02:59

Thanks! I got inspired by another anvilite, one of the sages I think.

Sage cryptoversal
14 Nov, 2020 23:11

Good luck!

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