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Galanor, God of Wisdom

"Do not dismiss this old fool lightly, for even fools have their own wisdom."
— from The Verse of Galanor, author unknown

The god of serenity and sound judgement, he is the Seventh and final Dream of Malorel and a member of the Circle of Ímlæs. He oversees the second month of the year, Somoris, when the slumbering moon is dominant.

Commonly called the Peacebringer, Galanor is a well-known but quiet god who mostly lurks in the background while others receive direct worship. Contrary to popular belief, he and Zephyrus are not enemies, and often benefit equally during times of war, as extended conflicts often instill a greater longing for peace in mortals as well as the desire for victory.

Galanor appears most often as an elderly man in modest robes, granting his wisdom to mortals who agree to his small request for aid. He has no specific worshippers, and mostly receives prayers from those facing turmoil or hardship in their lives who seek peace. In Etherea and Elbrith, he is often represented by a dove, and in Caer Thalion and Zarglyf, an elephant is his symbol.


Holy Books & Artifacts

The Verse of Galanor, while not a specifically holy text, contains a large collection of poems both long and short that describe ways to live a life of wisdom and kindness, and are said to have come from the mouth of Galanor himself. The Verse has been added to over and over for centuries, and the true source of many of them is unknown. However, no one debates the wisdom of the words, and so Galanor's servants regard it as his wisdom put to paper.

Holidays & Festivals

Humans celebrate Galanor a number of ways depending on region. The most notable holidays are those celebrating the end of great wars, such as the Freedom War between Zarglyf and the rebels, which resulted in the new kingdom of Caer Thalion. The elves celebrate Galanor (along with several other gods) in their bi-annual Moon Festival, called the ala sin frael, where they give thanks to continued peace. The elves also honor Galanor at the funerals of their kings and Woodspeakers, particularly they were considered exceptionally wise.


Galanor, God of Wisdom


Towards Ritanya, Lady of Light

Ritanya, Lady of Light


Towards Galanor, God of Wisdom

Alternate Names

Galanak (Thali/Glyfen)

Gaülnur (Kilgrothian)


Wisdom, Peace, and Justice

Symbols & Signs

A dove or elephant or white rose

Divine Relations

Father: none, created by Malorel

Mother: none

Spouse/Romantic Interest: none

Children: Diami, [Ilos]

Siblings: none


Divine Classification
Major God


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