Elemental Magic

The Elemental Sphere of magic encompasses the manipulation and use of magic in one of its primary physical forms: fire, water, stone, and air. It is the most commonly used Sphere, and thus has the greatest number of mages who practice it. Though the easiest to learn, it is the hardest Sphere to control, thus considered the most destructive of magics.

Mages of the Elemental Sphere are called casters in general, and typically wear red robes or bear the symbol of a four-pointed star in the color of their specialization. There are five subcategories of Elemental magic users:


Pyromancers are casters who specialize in summoning and wielding fire as flame, light, or heat. Summoning fire is one of the easiest yet most dangerous skills; though easy to learn how to do, it is not so easy to control. Pyromancers are most commonly employed as battlemagi, though in Etherea, many also find work in blacksmithing shops and other guildhalls where fire is necessary.


Waterdancers specialize in manipulating water or ice. It is the rarest form of Elemental magic, though it is considered the easiest to control. The more powerful dancers can control fluids other than water or pull water from the air itself.


Also called 'binders' for short, stonebinders utilize their power to move and reshape rock and 'dead' earth. Most stonebinders can also feel the earth around them and sense oddities. Stonebinders who also possess skill with Life magic can manipulate wood and plants. Stonebinding is a valued skill, and binders are in high demand for mining, masonry, and building repair.


As their name implies, windcallers specialize in summoning and maneuvering air. Though rare in Etherea, Caer Thalion employs many windcallers in their navy to protect their ships from foul weather. Thali trade caravans also pay windcallers handsomely to provide protection from the sandstorms that rage through the desert. In Etherea, the royalty pays windcallers to build and maintain the spells that control room temperature throughout the palace.


Wielders of all four elements, battlemagi specialize in combat spells and are almost always members of the military.


Elemental magic usually doesn't have any visual manifestation beyond what it's being used for, though some casters' hands will glow while casting their spells.

Metaphysical, Arcane
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