Soul Magic

The rarest and least understood Sphere, Soul magic involves the observation of the flow of magic and the altering of a person or creature's spirit. Unlike other Spheres, Soul magic is far more dependent on natural-born abilities than learned skills. The general term for mages of Soul magic is diviners, though they are called by their subclass far more frequently. Diviners are extremely rare, and almost never have the ability to wield other Spheres. Diviners who choose to offer their services to others wear silver robes or a pendant in the shape of two interlocked triangles. There are four official subclasses of diviners, though more unique cases do exist:


Seers possess the ability to see future events, usually through uncontrollable visions. Many suffer from a disconnection with reality, as their visions can be extremely difficult to understand and track. Though generally viewed as harmless, most people fear seers and avoid them unless they need their services.

*note: this section describes human seers. For details on seers of other races, see Seers.   Scryer

Though similar to seers, scryers have full control of their visions, and can usually choose specifically what to look for. Unlike seers, they require some sort of focus for their visions, like a mirror or pool of water, and they can rarely look into the future.


Spellhunters possess the unique ability to sense and to an extent manipulate the very flow of magical energy in the world. They can detect other mages as well as tell when a spell has been cast nearby, and the best can track a spell's caster from the spell's location. Many spellhunters can also unweave an active spell, such as a ward or trap spell. Etherean spellhunters are essential to detecting problems and anomalies in Araniae's spell network.


The rarest of all mages, these diviners can view and manipulate the soul directly. They are often confused with thoughtbenders, and are equally feared. The range of what soulweavers can do largely remains a mystery, as those who openly admit to being one rarely practice their craft beyond the simplest and most benign uses. Soulweavers are virtually nonexistent outside of Etherea, where they are carefully tracked. Almost all soulweaving is illegal unless sanctioned by the Queen.


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