Mind Magic

As its name implies, Mind magic is used in the manipulation of an individual's mind, from simple adjustment of perception through illusions to sezing full control or altering their thoughts permanently. It is the second rarest Sphere of magic, and its use beyond simple illusions is condemned in most of Dálnaes. Practioners of Mind magic are called mentalists and wear blue robes or the symbol of three concentric circles. There are three subclasses of mentalists:

Mind Diver

These mentalists specialize in delving into the minds of their subjects to extract information or heal shattered thoughts. It is the hardest form of Mind magic to track, and can be extremely dangerous for both mage and subject.


Those who specialize in creating illusions are called enchanters. Though creating illusions is not illegal and generally harmless, many people are still wary of it.


A loose term used to refer to those who use their power to intentionally manipulate a subject's mind. Such uses include compulsion spells, memory wipes, identity shifting, and other nefarious actions. Thoughtbenders are extremely mistrusted, and in Etherea their actions are illegal unless sanctioned by the royal family.

*A Special Note on Illusions

Unlike mind diving and thoughtbending, illusions are not cast directly upon the subject they are meant to fool, but rather the object or person the mage wants to change. They alter only surface perceptions, and only as long as the subject is within its range of effect. While permanent illusions can be created, they are more often only put in place temporarily.

Although creating illusions is not illegal, many people are still wary of mentalists, so enchanters often downplay their abilities. It is generally believed that illusions can only fool sight and hearing, and that if you touch one or already know it's there, you can see through it. However, illusions can be created that fool all five senses, even permanently. And the very best of them can fool even their creators.

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