A spell that inflicts the subject with dizziness, confusion, and lightheadedness, sometimes resulting in blackouts. Severity depends on skill and power of the caster.


Like most Mind spells, the spells presence has no visible effect beyond what the caster wills there to be. Those sensitive to magical energies might perceive a glow around the caster's head as they perform the spell. Subjects of the spell may hear a faint whispering if the caster is lower-level.


In Etherea, Disorient is considered a "gray" spell. It is not illegal to perform, as on its own it does not harm the subject. However, if harm does befall the subject as a result of being affected by the spell, the caster is held liable and will be arrested.

Related School
Effect Duration
usually temporary, the length determined by the skill and power of the caster
Effect Casting Time
determined by skill of the caster
unlimited, as long as the caster has line of sight to the subject
Apprentice or higher
Submitted for Day 24 of Inktober 2019


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