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Fire and Fury Forge

At the Fire and Fury Forge, Ivan crafts weapon using an alloy of star metal, steel, platinum, and blood glass (volcanic crimson-hinted obsidian), called sky steel. His weapons are 2x as heavy as normal weapons, cost roughly 8,000-12,000gp higher, function as non-magical +2 weapons with an additional point of heat damage, deal an additional 1d6 damage to extraplanar creatures, and boost all enchantments placed on them by doubling their strength.

The following list shows the weapons that Ivan commonly makes, along with their respective damages before adding the fact that they're made of sky steel, and also including their price in gold pieces.

  • Battle Axe1d8/1d810,500gp
  • Great Axe1d10/2d813,500gp
  • Dagger1d4/1d48,200gp
  • Footman's Mace1d6+1/1d610,800gp
  • Mace-axe2d4/1d6+113,200gp
  • Maul2d4/1d1012,400gp
  • Morningstar2d4/1d6+111,000gp
  • Halberd1d10/2d613,000gp
  • Scythe1d6+1/1d812,300gp
  • Sling Bullet1d4+1/1d6+1500gp
  • Spear1d6/1d810,800gp
  • Sword-axe1d8+1/1d12+114,000gp
  • Bastard Sword1d8/1d12(1H)2d4/2d8(2H)12,500gp
  • Long Sword1d8/1d1211,500gp
  • Short Sword1d6/1d88,100gp
  • Great Sword1d10/3d617,000gp
  • Trident1d6+1/2d4(1H)1d8+1/3d4(2H)13,500gp
  • Warhammer1d4+1/1d410,200gp
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