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Public Agenda

The goal of Molestia is to further spread the worship of Celeste and Moltore. Through massive population growth and missionary trips by clerics and travelers, Celeste and Moltore plan to gain more devout followers to increase their status amongst the deities they hope to some day call their equals.


Molestia has millions of gold and gems brought in by Celeste and Moltore that are now circulating throughout its quickly-growing economy. Teran is the most defended city within Molestia walls, guarded by its own elite soldiers. Each town within the walls has its own militia as well as a few guards from the capital. There are a few hundred soldiers that have devoted themself to King Terry, all trained within the walls of Teran. A small fleet of ships guard Gravensworth's ports and all the civilian ships that reside there.


The kingdom was formed in 154 AT when the mortal at the time, Celeste, used a wish stone to wish for the area of five days travel by horse in all directions of herself to be united and known as the kingdom of Molestia. She then wished for everyone in said kingdom to worship herself and her friend, Moltore. The two later became demigods due to their newfound religion, and placed a magically created follower of theirs named Terry to be the king of their new kingdom.


The 240 square miles of land that makes up the kingdom was magically obtained using wishes.


Molestia has a small, yet strong guard force. The main army defends Teran, yet it sends forces out to the rest of its defending towns. The Terian Guard, also known as the Black Guard, is the main force defending Molestia's capital. The Black Flames are the guards sent to defend Gravensworth. The Blood Guard are the force sent to defend Bolton. The Viper Guard defend the kingdom's walls. Each group of elite soldiers has their own magical properties applied to their armor, weapons, and rings assigned to them.
There are four great generals that command the Molestian army. Each general controls one of the kingdom's major branches.

Technological Level

Firearms are rare in Molestia, but far more common than in the rest of the world. The only ones to exist in the present were brought there by Booglesnoot from the future. Each general in the Molestian army has a firearm.


The majority of Molestians worship Celeste, but the biggest temple within the borders of the kingdom is the Church of Moltore that resides in Gravensworth. A church dedicated to Celeste resides in Bolton. In Teran, one of the large towers is dedicated to the worship of Celeste and Moltore.


Most citizens are of below average education. Some residents have started attending Booglesnoot's university, the School of Snoot. There, ordinary people are being educated on world events, proper etiquette, and eventually trained in the arcane arts.
In Teran, men and women are trained to become elite soldiers. Once graduated, they are equipped with magical armor, weapons, and rings to aid them in defending their kingdom.


The kingdom is surrounded by a stone brick wall that stands 20 feet tall and 10 feet wide. It is over 600 miles long. The wall has a total of 22 guard towers defending the border. There are two trade routes and paths leading out of Gravensworth and four leading out of Bolton, for a total of six roads leading out of Molestia. Each river and road that crosses the border has two guard towers on each side of it.
There are four roads moving through Teran, which consists of 16 large, keep-like towers and has its own walls around it.

Divine Origins

Celeste and Moltore were simple friends who were thrown into action and ended up stumbling upon powerful magic. It was Celeste's idea to use wish stones to wish for the area around them to be united and known as the kingdom of Molestia, and then used a second wish stone to wish for everyone else in Molestia to worship her and her friend.

Cosmological Views

It is believed that Celeste was born from stardust and Moltore was a product of Death. Celeste threw all the stars up into the sky to light up the night for her followers, and Moltore claims the wicked for his undead army below the planet's surface.

Tenets of Faith


  • Do not steal
  • Do not murder
  • Always be thy best
  • Do not ruin thy body
  • Do not waste thy fortune
  • Seek love and passion
  • Fight for honor and the glory of battle

  • Kill only for the joy and riches
  • Deceive
  • Seek vengeance whenever the chance arises
  • Respect the dead

Political Influence & Intrigue

Celeste and Moltore are the ones that appointed Terry as king of Molestia, and therefore are the biggest influencers to him in regard to the kingdom's laws and ruling. They leave the kingdom's paperwork to him, but they essentially control it through him.

Geopolitical, Kingdom
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Theocratic
Standard Coinage:
  • Copper piece
  • Silver piece(10cp)
  • Gold piece(10sp)
  • Platinum piece(5gp)
  Specialty Coinage:
  • Celestian coin(10gp)
  • Moltorian coin(20gp)
  • Terrian coin(50gp)
Major Exports
This biggest export of Molestia is Snoogleboot's ale.
Legislative Body
King Terry has a council of elders that he has personally selected to help him make all legislative decisions. The final say is Terry's and Terry's alone, but when he decides he needs guidance (considering he hasn't existed for more than a few years), he calls on his council for advice.
Judicial Body
Any case where judgment is needed for a crime or a civil dispute, all parties are to meet before King Terry in Teran. Terry will act as judge and jury. He interprets the laws that Celeste and Moltore have placed, with his own touches, of course.
Official State Religion
Official Languages
Notable Members

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