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Surrounding the stronghold is a 20-foot high, 5-foot wide wall. There are 15 keep-like towers within the walls aside from the one in which King Terry resides. Each tower is three stories tall and roughly 50-100 feet in diameter. Palisades are set up outside all entrances to the stronghold but are moved when carriages and wagons move in and out.


Teran supplies most of the wood for Molestia's towns. Its woodcutters are escorted by trained soldiers into the woods to collect lumber to send out to the rest of the settlements in the kingdom.


Brick roads make their way from keep to keep within the stronghold walls.

Guilds and Factions

The churches of Celeste and Moltore are the biggest influences on state decisions.


When the deities of this area, Celeste and Moltore, messed around with a Deck of Many Things, multiple large towers appeared and disappeared within the woods north of Gravensworth. They decided to use one of the towers as a keep for their appointed king, Terry, and built walls around the rest, creating the Stronghold of Celeste, also known as the Celestial Stronghold. As the stronghold grew in population, it became the capital of Molestia and was named Teran, in honor of King Terry.


The vast majority of Teran is made up of stone structures. Despite being the biggest lumber-producing town in the kingdom, the towers spawned magically are all made of stone, and miners are sent to a cave in the woods (where Celeste and Moltore killed a deadotaur) to collect stone for the roads, the walls, and the rest of the buildings.


When the towers spawned into the world, they created plains around them. Surrounding the southern half of the city is a vast forest.

Natural Resources

The city of Teran gets plenty of wood from the forest surrounding its southern half. Due to the wendigo problem, woodcutters are closely guarded by the city's guards.

Alternative Name(s)
The Celestial Stronghold
Inhabitant Demonym
Owning Organization
Characters in Location

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