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Star Metal

The ground shook as something flying through the sky exploded. A trail of fire screamed through the night, and Lord Dave called his security to his wagon immediately. The star the fell from the heavens had landed not too far off, and he sent his cleric to investigate. The rock was no more than five feet in diameter and was still hot. Judging by its glow, the clever priest assumed it wasn't just a big piece of stone, and he used his Cool Metal spell to quickly chill the metal from the sky. After moving it, he took some of it to a very talented blacksmith who managed to melt the metal just enough over several days to shape it into the head of a hammer.


Material Characteristics

In its rawest form, star metal is gunmetal-colored and looks soft. When melted down with other common metals and polished, it is very silvery, like platinum, with a high sheen.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Star metal is very malleable. Alloyed with common metals, this material increased the strength, sharpness, flexibility, and durability of weapons, making them ideal for enchantments.
For some reason, most extraplanar creatures seem to be vulnerable to star metal. Weapons made of an alloy containing at least 5% star metal deal an extra 1d6 damage per strike against outsiders.


Star metal weapons are always made by mixing star metal with common metals such as steel or silver. This makes a very strong and durable alloy.
It can also be alloyed with steel, platinum, and blood glass to create sky steel, a very powerful combination of natural elements when it comes to crafting weapons.

Geology & Geography

Star metal comes from meteorites that land on the surface of the planet, so if more is desired, one must either look for craters or look to the sky.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Star metal's most commonly-known use is being melted into an alloy and forged into weapons.


Although there may be countless uses for star metal in its raw form, none have been utilized. Star metal's only commonly-known use requires it to be melted down with other common metals to create stronger alloys.


Trade & Market

Star metal is by far an extremely exotic metal. It is incredibly rare, as the only way to obtain it is to wait for it to crash into the ground. Very few smiths will be able to work with star metal, and only the best will sell weapons made of it.

Refined aluminum
Gunmetal gray
Melting / Freezing Point
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