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6 Aug, 2018 04:51

This is one of the more detailed and thought-out articles on pleasure demons I've read. My only major critique is that your tone sometimes switches jarringly between conversational and National Geographic, which takes away from the article.   What is an example of a sexual and edgy pleasure demon name? I'm picturing something in the vein of Kill Six Billion Demons: 44 Arched Backs Supplicating Mutual Pleasure.

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Ethnis | Ko-Fi | Twitter

6 Aug, 2018 18:05

The NatGeo Thing, I guess I'm just so used to that style I don't notice...   As for the names, that's on the right track, but not quite. They tend to be a bit more... direct. Some examples.

n'gelfrosith Kaash Ponnil d'thramel vosan (Womb that expels and seduces a dark kingdom)
Kurrani Poni ill l'vashi rk'kahkur (Great Master Whose Throne Lies Between Her Legs)
Knoyoa’n Pondraagu n’esslar (Giant-Swallowing Orifice)
N’Maast-Konhallas jitnesu Ill ragath Raag Xara’l (Waterfall of seed into a gaping cavern)
  On the other hand, you have short form names like... 'Myosotis', 'Scarlet', or even stuff like 'Bubblegum'.

6 Aug, 2018 20:14

I love em

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AshWolf Forever
Ashleigh D.J. Cutler
6 Aug, 2018 18:09

This article is very long, and while I had to keep coming back, it wasn't boring. It's an interesting take on the subject for sure. I can see the folklore influence clearly.