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Demons are one of the largest varieties of Transcendent, with dozens of varieties and thousands of individual sub-planes. Despite the name, they are not inherently evil, being instead dedicated to the Principle of selfishness - not necessarily destructive or mindless selfishness, but the primacy of one's own interests and impulses. Different varieties are based on what that individual's greatest motivation is, and most are named via that format.

Basic Information


Demons vary widely in form, but several general trends can be observed. Most demons have horns (typically rough and emerging around the temples), large batlike wings as additional limbs emerging from the back, and hooves. However, exact looks can be very different based not just on the variety and what species they were as a mortal, but also on the individual.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Like all Transcendent, demons do not physically require sustenance of any kind. However, most enjoy eating for various reasons - the food consumed is transported to the Aether and/or Daemonlands.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Demons, as a whole, are interested in what interests them, and do not have a particularly coherent social structure. Nevertheless they do often interact with each other, and are far from asocial, but such conglomerations tend to be loose, with highly fluctuating rules, and little sympathy. Violence and exploitation is commonplace.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Demons are Transcendent, and as such have certain capabilities - and weaknesses - that many will eagerly exploit, including other demons. Moreover, the lack of a coherent social structure means that Demons are common targets for exploitation, as binding a demon typically has little consequence beyond that individual demon, and perhaps their friends - if any.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Demons are native to the myriad related planes known collectively as the Daemonlands, and for obvious reasons, are most commonly found there. Many, however, make their way to other nearby Transcendent planes, or the various Physic planes.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Demons tend to give themselves rather long, melodramatic, and profane names, usually in Abyssal or other obscure languages.

Average Technological Level

The technological level exhibited by demons varies widely, but rarely do they engage in great efforts of research or development. Most of their technology is 'imported'.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

There are numerous different languages spoken by Demons, as many as those spoken in life, and then a few more. However, there are also various dialects common to a wide variety, the most significant being known as Abyssal, a kind of patois language or slang used to convey both profundity and profanity. Abyssal, notably, has a continually fluctuating grammar and word structure, with both sentences and words often being constructed ad-hoc.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants


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