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The arc of the universe is long indeed, but it cares not where it ends. It is us alone and us together, that bends toward justice. There is no paradise except what we make.
- from the Testament of Corion

Archons are a type of Transcendent dedicated to equianimitous cooperation and the advancement of civilization, though they may not always agree on what constitutes the 'advancement of civilization'. They are associated with the Ordered Heavens, which is a Transcendent Plane classification within the so-called 'Upper Sphere' as well as the governing body of Archons.   Archons come in nine main varieties, based on their particular purpose and interest and named for an item representing that interest.   Grain
  • Throne: Among the most powerful of Archons, they concern themselves with the shaping of governments, guiding authorities and revolutionaries alike.
  • Tome: Patrons of knowledge, science, and the concept of writing, Tome Archons are supernaturally adept at both acquiring and distributing knowledge.
  • Sword: The other 'among most powerful of Archons', Sword Archons are the Ordered Heaven's armies, defending civilization and enacting justice on both a grand and small scale.
  • Lantern: The most common of Archons, Lantern Archons represent civilization in general rather than any particular aspect, and often act as advocates. They have greater power of light than most Archons.
  • Wheel: These Archons govern travel and lines of communication, and have the ability to travel great distances with ease.
  • Grain: Concerned with agriculture and medicine, Grain Archons are avatars of health and plenty, able to accelerate the growth of crops or even create food from nothing, as well as heal with a touch.
  • Compass: Named after the mason's compass, their domain is architecture in specific, along with infrastructure and design in general. They can construct with supernatural efficiency and strengthen architectural works.
  • Scale: Scale Archons rule over commerce, trade, and other forms of (fair) exchange, with anything that concerns the transfer of goods being their concern.
  • Forge: The domain of the Forge Archon is the creation of tools, invention, and industry in general.

Basic Information


Archons as a whole tend to closely resemble their mortal forms, distinguished by an aura of light surrounding them that can form into ephemeral wings that are actually capable of (magical) flight. They are, however, often much larger and with more idealistic, 'perfect' bodies.   Internally, their bodies are synthetic, an ectoplasm 'shell' around their soul, with no internal anatomy to speak of. Though they are fairly difficult to harm, any injury radiates light from within with an almost powder-like character. They can make a decent imitation of many biological processes (such as breathing, sweating, or crying), especially if they are trying. Bodily fluids are faintly luminous. Primary and secondary sexual characteristics may or may not be present, depending on the individual.

Genetics and Reproduction

Archons do not reproduce normally, but instead are Transcended mortals. They are, however, capable of having children with mortals or via magical means, but rarely do so.

Dietary Needs and Habits

As Transcendent Archons do not need to eat, but occasionally do so for social or recreational reasons. They generally eat quite little, however.

Biological Cycle

Archons can transition between sub-types more easily than most transcendent, though still not with great ease. This done via a magical ritual to absorb the essence of a particular nexus, which in the Ordered Heavens are commonly associated with

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Archons originate from the Ordered Heavens, and commonly traverse throughout the Upper Sphere. Though not 'native' they also visit the Physic planes to aid and live among mortals.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

The principle organization of the Archons is the Ordered Heavens, which serves as their governing body, at least in theory. There are many sub-organizations and unrelated smaller groups, however. Archons are frankly, quite prone to the growth of bespoke organizations and there are far too many to even summarize.

Average Technological Level

Though what technology Archons of specific place have obtained or use varies widely, the Archons and Upper Spheres as whole have achieved far in excess of any other, mortal or Transcendent - they are immortals dedicated to the advancement of civilization, the result can be described as 'exponential'.

Common Taboos

Archons strongly oppose the prospect of ruling mortals,
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants
Average Physique
Archons tend to be significantly larger and more 'ideal' than their mortal forms, being without blemish and largely based on their own ideal self, but the specifics of this ideal self vary quite widely.


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