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Ordered Heavens

We were not made for the law, the law was made for us.


The Ordered Heavens is the name of both the Transcendent Plane home to the Archons and the organization that governs it. The two are intimately linked, the government arising organically from the Archon's inclination towards civilization.   The state of the Ordered Heavens is functionally voluntarist and operates like a federation - though there is no actual distinction between 'local' and 'federal' government on paper.   At its lowest level, the organization is made up of innumerable village communes, dedicated to a particular area or interest. These communes consist of all individuals with an interest in the subject - generally, communities 'higher' in the Ordered Heavens tend to be stricter, more monastic in nature, while those in the lower tiers are almost anarchic. Archons are, unsurprisingly, very good at getting along, so usually everything works quite well, but for higher matters, Ward Reeves are appointed to negotiate disputes between communes, as well as organize larger projects. Typically, a region will have a handful of permanent Ward Reeve positions, with ad-hoc Reeves appointed for particular purposes. Reeves may be elected by the interested parties, or, for a few key interests, appointed by higher levels.   Supervising the Ward Reeves are the Nomarchs, each one supervising a province, or 'Nome'. These 'provinces' may be anywhere from a large metropolis to the size of a continent. The Nomarchs (and their staff) serve both to advise the Reeves, resolve serious offenses, orchestrate major projects, and coordinate with other Nomes and higher levels.   Above the Nomarchs are the Principalities, each lead by a trio of Principals. Each Principality is directly responsible for potentially several billion individuals, and possibly influences even more. Principalities decide on the creation and adjustment of Nomes, as well as overall policies, to an extent.   The different planes of the Heavens - known as Orders - are each ruled by a quorum of Principles and Nomarchs - Principles are responsible for executing decisions, while Nomarchs vote for key decisions - though very few things merit being considered 'key actions'.   Ultimately, the Ordered Heavens as a whole are led by the Council of Seven, and their vast apparatus operating out of the The Glorious Throne. The Council's decisions are universal, but generally give sufficient room for adaptation - and in practice, the Council does relatively little to actually govern the Ordered Heavens - instead focusing their interests elsewhere.   Beyond the direct hierarchy are several special positions. Foremost of these are the Powers - there is one Power for each Order, who essentially acts as the chairperson for the council, and Powers also lead various specialized organizations dedicated to a particular purpose - most strikingly the Four Hosts. Each of these specialized bodies will possess its own specialized hierarchy answering to the Power in question.   Additionally, special positions, roughly equivalent to the Nomarch, may be appointed for crucial projects or in times of crisis, most commonly Polemarchs or Kydarchs (all following that X-arch pattern).

Public Agenda

As a geopolitical organization, the Ordered Heaven's first duty is the maintenance and advancement of their own people. To this end, they have crafted vast public works, reshaped the raw material of Heaven into a planet-sized monument to the virtues of civil society, and made potential into a paradise.   However, it cannot end there. It is the duty of the privileged to aid those less fortunate, and to that end, the Ordered Heavens oppose the darkness of anarchy and ignorance wherever it may be found. Covertly, they offer their aid to mortal societies in developing their own culture, helping to allay misfortune. The purpose is not charity, but to empower their beneficiaries to help themselves. This is an occasional source of debate - occasionally spectacular strife, but the Ordered Heavens have always maintained a policy of guiding, not controlling.   Of course, that is the ideal, and there are others who would not see this come to pass, and the Ordered Heavens are forced to spend much of their attention preventing disaster rather than actually improving anything. Occasionally, this takes the form of disasters on such a large scale that it threatens an entire civilization, in which case the Heavens act to mitigate it. The threat of Primordial invasion is a major one, and even the Ordered Heavens cannot always do enough to stop such a calamity. Usually, however, the problem is more 'mundane', in the form of other Transcendent. Devils constantly scheme to absorb whole worlds to their own version of 'order', and will gladly burn a world to ash rather than give it up to the 'wrong' masters. Arbiters, so obsessed with the rules they care nothing for the truth. Valkyrie, with their lust for battle against anything and everything. Hadeans, who desire nothing. Even demons may occasionally invade worlds en-masse, causing devastation.   The list of threats is vast, and if the Archons were to unleash their full force, it would destroy the worlds they were trying to save - culturally, at least, and perhaps literally. Thus, an uneasy 'truce' between the more organized planar powers settled in, sometimes formalized, sometimes not - but in any case, the result is the same - the Heavens do not openly intervene in mortal affairs, and in exchange, neither will their enemies. Of course, this does apply to the Transcendent planes themselves. Archons and Celestials in general don't particularly hate their counterparts, and attacking en-masse will not do any particular good, as all involved are Transcendent and will simply revive. But others are perfectly happy to attack them, and while the Divine Wall prevents most direct attack, the borders of the Heavens are frequently a battlefield.
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