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Valeriu Vasile

Crown Prince of Catrinel

Valeriu Vasile is the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Catrinel. He is the eldest son of King Codrin Vasile and Queen Silvia Vasile, and brother to Prince Alexandru Vasile.



Valeriu is an imposing figure. He stands tall and holds himself in an orderly fashion. His great height forces him to quite literally look down on others. His sunken eyes, which give him the appearance of knowledge and wisdom, combine with his height to make him appear to have a look of constant disapproval. This expression strikes fear into those he commands, making them fear their lives or position if he is truly disapproving of their actions.

He holds an appearance typical of any member of the royal Catrineli family. He has wavy dark, hickory-brown hair, and dark eyes to match. His complexion is a light tawny color with cool marron undertones, like a mix of sand and a little red clay.


Valeriu often wears the white and gold traditional colors of the Crown Prince. His white tunics are embroidered with gold tread, designed to have symbols representing every part of his status and wealth. His white trousers are also embroidered with equal lavishness, holding symbols and designs that represent the Kingdom of Catrinel as a whole. Valeriu also has weighty gold shoulder pads, with matching chains connecting to his cape.

Valeriu's cape is like a tapestry telling his story of life. It attaches to his tunic at the base of his collar bone. The cape is held to the tunic through extravagant gold pins. The chains of his shoulder pads connect decoratively to these pins.

Valeriu's cape was designed by his mother. The cape has the same white and gold as his tunic and trousers, but also has bright purples, pinks, and greens.


When in his typical uniform, Valeriu carries a long, curved, gilded saber. The saber is primarily for show, representing the status and power the Crown Prince holds. The saber is sharp, but not meant for practical use. Gold makes the saber rather flimsy and unstable. It would bend and break on contact with flesh or other blades.

Mental Physique




Valeriu is a rather quiet person, and does not speak unless he has something to say, or is required to say something. When he chooses to speak, he will speak plainly, and with little emotion. Valeriu hides his emotions when he speaks. He tries not to show his sadness or joy in front of others. The only emotion that seems to slip past his guard is anger, though it is always impossible to tell who his anger is directed towards.

When Valeriu is asked to explain his feelings, he cannot. He often describes his feelings vaguely, or with inaccurate words. He does not know how to connect his emotions to words, so he resolved to use vague ones.

Valeriu's speech does not accurately describe his personality. His true thoughts are revealed through his actions.





Valeriu was a traditional royal Catrineli name meaning "to be strong". His mother chose the name to match the sound of their surname. She wanted the name to sound regal when spoken aloud by the great crowds of the Kingdom. His father Codrin had little input on his naming, though he truly did not care. However, both agreed to a more traditional Catrineli name.

Alexsandru often calls his brother by an affectionate nickname, Vali. The nickname was chosen as it is shorter and easier to say, especially for a younger child. As the brothers grew older, they kept their nicknames. Vali's parents even picked up on this shorter name. Valeriu is only called Vali by his family and close friends.


Valeriu had many struggles with his family as a child. His father hardly cared, his mother had impossible expectations, and his brother was jealous of everything Valeriu did.

As a young child, Valeriu was praised by his mother for nearly everything he did. From taking is first steps to his first combat training, his mother's praise did not wane. However, Alexsandru received none of the same praise, fueling the jealousy.

Valeriu was hated by his younger brother as a child. Alexsandru would pull cruel pranks, distract him in combat training, or do anything to get Valeriu into trouble. Although the jealousy would pass, Valeriu never forgot it.

Valeriu hardly saw anything of his father in his early life. He never even knew why his father was never around the palace in his early years. When his father was at home, the King seemed to do anything in his power to avoid Valeriu and his brother.

As Valeriu grew older and started his formal education, his mother started raising her expectations. Unfortunately, Valeriu started failing to meet his mother's new expectations, causing her constant praise to die out.


Valeriu's education started early in his life. He was educated privately in basic History, Language Arts, and Arithmetics starting from the age of 3. For the three years he was privately tutored, he greatly enjoyed and excelled in his education.

At the age of 6 he was transferred to a small school for the Catrineli Aristocrats. There he was taught proper noble manners, philosophy, and more complex Language Arts and Mathematics. Although he had excelled in his education earlier, he began to struggle in his school. He could not pay attention, and started doing poorly in school. As a result, at the age of 8, he was taken out of this school and returned to private tutoring once again.

Valeriu continued his private tutoring until the age of 16. His formal education had concluded, and he was to be trained in archery, sword fighting, formal speeches, and strategy. These were meant to train Valeriu to be a proper King, coinciding with becoming Crown Prince. His studies primarily focused on strategy. Military strategy was the main aspect, but it also trained him how to run a Kingdom. Through his military training, he was taught how to lead.

Early Adulthood

Becoming Crown Prince








Luminița is Valeriu's fine Mouser companion. The Mouser has brought comfort and joy to the prince, along with teaching him about life. She may be just a Mouser, but she is the reason Valeriu has started to heal his mind.






As a member of the Catrineli royal family, Valeriu has access to the whole of the King's fortune. This includes, but is not limited to: hoards of gold and silver, the furs of nearly any kind of animal, endless articles of clothing, multiple estates, hundreds of servants across these estates, a hundred mousers across the estates, imports of the best food and drink across Cyntal, and the guard of the entire grand Catrineli army. The majority of the family's fortune is passed down through generations. Only the gold and silver amounts fluctuate due to earning and spending the money.

The Catrineli royal family owns the entirety of the Kingdom of Catrinel. The family earns nearly all their gold and silver from taxes throughout their kingdom. They do spend the majority of the money on governmental institutions, particularly the grand army.


The Catrineli royal family owns several estates throughout their kingdom. They own the Royal Palace of Catrinel, along with the 150 acres of wild-land and gardens around the palace. As is typical with large estates, the royal palace has a stable, capable of holding nearly a thousand private horses. There is also barracks and another stable on the property for the grand army.

The family also owns two smaller vacation estates in the kingdom, the royal Northern and Southern estates.

The Northern estate is located in the far north-eastern corner of Catrinel. The estate has an extra 50 acres of land, full of well-kept winter gardens. The estate is often cold and frozen, though unlike other areas of the kingdom, it is beautiful in any season, even the in darkest of seasons.

The Southern estate is located in the far south-western corner of the Kingdom, tucked in the mountains closest to the Empire of Dymitr. The estate has 40 acres of flat lands in front, and nothing but wild mountains behind it. The protection of the mountains makes it the most fortified.

Date of Birth
31st of the season Burning Light, 4764 in the Time of Kings
21 Years
Other Names
Codrin Vasile (Father) and Silvia Vasile (Mother)
Alexandru Vasile (Brother)
Currently Held Titles
Current Recidence
The Royal Northern Estate of Catrinel

Family Tree


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