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Silvia Vasile

Queen Silvia Vasile is the mother of Crown Prince Valeriu Vasile and Prince Alexandru Vasile, and wife to King Codrin Vasile. She is the Queen Consort of Catrinel, and aids her husband in his rule.




Mental Physique



Silvia acts pleasant upon first meeting. She seems good-natured, however, Silvia is quite the vindictive person. She becomes furious at the smallest inconvenience, she lashes out on her servants when something cannot be done for her. She will boldly threaten the livelihood of both servant and nobles of the Catrineli palace. Silvia does not wish to kill, but often her actions lead to the destruction of the lives of her own people.





Silvia was born to a noble Catrineli family. Her family controlled a central city in Catrinel, one of the closest to the Catrineli capital. Because of this, her family had very close connection to the royal Catrineli family. Her parents strived to raise her in close connection to all the palace nobles, with a particular special interest in the Crown Prince of the time, Codrin Vasile. She was pressured into perfection as her parents hoped she would gain his attention.

The pressure she felt from her parents created immense strife between Silvia and her family. Silvia could never meet her parent’s expectations, and was often punished for it. She was pushed to be the absolute best in school, the most well-mannered, and the most beautiful lady in the entire kingdom. She failed to meet these expectations. Silvia was not the best of her class, there was always someone smarter, quicker. She was not the most well-mannered, her temper often got in the way. She was unfortunately not the most beautiful lady in the kingdom, there was always someone better. No matter what, Silvia's parents always found someone they deemed better than her. Silvia despised being compared to anyone, and she grew to despise her own parents for both their expectations and the comparisons.

As Silvia grew older, the pressure grew worse, and Silvia's temper led her to argue nearly constantly with her parents. These arguments could last for hours, and there was no forgiveness after. For days after the arguments she would refuse to talk to her parents. She stayed at her school for as long as she was aloud. She would even stay overnight with friends at the royal palace. Silvia preferred her noble friends over anyone else in her family. Her friends gave her the validation her parents did not. They recognized her academic achievements, praised her good manners, and complemented her beauty. She also began growing her influence among them. She no longer wanted to follow the orders of someone else, she wanted to give the orders.

As Silvia and her parents continued arguing over nearly anything, the arguments started turning into fights, and sometimes violent ones. She stayed at the palace more and more. There she expressed her true hatred for her parents. The adults did not think much of her opinions, but her friends listened. They validated her opinions, they sympathized with her hatred, and they agreed with every word she said. Hearing all of Silvia's strifes led her friends to put her on a pedestal. No matter what she said or did, her friends praised her nearly endlessly. They thought she was incredibly strong for putting up with the fights. They likened her as intelligent as the best of the king's advisors. Every chance they had, they praised Silvia. Some truly believed she deserved the praise, others pitied her situation. Regardless, the praise encouraged Silvia. She had gone from feeling worthless, to feeling like the most powerful woman in the Kingdom. That feeling fueled a dream. A dream to become the most powerful, just to prove her parents wrong.

Silvia's ambition grew, as did her sphere of influence. Her friends introduced her to more and more nobles her age. She charmed anyone she met, putting them under her influence as well. Silvia became so well known, there was nowhere in the Catrineli palace that did not know her name. Even the King and Queen knew her well, and thought very highly of her. The Royals liked her so much, she and a few of her friends were often invited to dine with the family, a great honor in Catrinel. Silva became close to the Royal family, including the Crown Prince. She was among the favorite noble women of the King and Queen. The Queen held a special regard for Silvia. Silvia was her favorite choice of the Crown Prince's suitors.

On Silvia's 18th birthday, the Queen made a special request to her. The Queen asked Silvia to pursue her son, Crown Prince Codrin, in hopes the two would marry someday. Silvia had never desired to be married before, but she was not one to deny a request from the Queen. The thought of becoming Queen herself someday was also intriguing. Regardless, Silvia followed through on the request of the Queen. She made an effort to talk to the Crown Prince at every opportunity. She attended all of his speeches, and complemented him at everything. She also made sure that she avoided the other noblemen, for fear he would think she was pursuing another. It did not take long for the palace to be full of rumors and speculation of a coming wedding between the two. Even Silvia's parents knew, they were excited by the thought, but did not believe it would be possible.

Silvia's pursuit proved successful. She and Codrin were wed 2 years after the Queen's request. Neither Silvia or Codrin had been looking to marry, but they enjoyed each other's company. Both would have had to marry at some point in their lives, and they were better together than with anyone else. The King and Queen were overjoyed at the marriage. Silvia's parent were in disbelief, but even more overjoyed. At the wedding they showered her with praise and complements. Silvia hated them for it. 20 years of not being enough, only to become the perfect daughter once she weds the Crown Prince, the future King.

For several years, Silvia and Codrin enjoyed their peaceful marriage. They enjoyed the luxury of traveling the country, giving speeches, and attended diplomatic events and parties. Silvia especially, enjoyed the respect she had as the future Queen. She did not have any real power, but the thought that she would satisfied her.

The year Silvia turned 25 was the very same year she was crowned Queen Consort of Catrinel. Codrin's father and mother had passed during a sickness that tore through the palace. Codrin also had the disease. He survived, but was not unscathed. He was left looking scared and aged. He hated his own appearance for a time, making him short-tempered and rather bitter. This caused strife in their marriage for a time, but both eventually settled down, but their marriage was not quite so peaceful as it was before. Arguments were more frequent, disagreements over simple things were common, and they did not enjoy their time together as they had before. They never truly fought, but to say their marriage was a truly happy one, would be false.

As the new Queen of Catrinel, Silvia enacted revenge upon her parent. She moved her parents to a small estate and city in the farthest northern corner of Catrinel. She had essentially banished them. Once they had left, she destroyed every last record with their name. She even crossed out her own maiden name on her own birth record and wedding certification. It was almost as if she had wiped her family out of existence. Anything and everything with her family's name had been destroyed. Finally she sent out an order, that the name of her family shall never be spoken of again. No one could challenge her. She was the Queen, after all. Her husband never cared about what she did to her family. He never stopped her, never told her she shouldn't. He even agreed never to say their name again.

From that moment, anyone who had known her family feared her. Rumors of the act spread all around the palace, sparking fear into all the nobles of Catrinel. Silvia enjoyed knowing the fear of the nobles. She treasured the feeling of power it gave her. She loved her power. She loved the thought of being the most powerful woman in the country.

During her reign, Silvia became known for her control over the palace. She was a Queen that was not to be crossed. Nobles are sure to not offend or insult her. Servants are sure that they carry out her orders to perfection, lest they face her wrath. Silvia is in command, her orders are to be followed and her house respected. Anyone found breaking her orders or disrespecting her, they do not face death, they face a punishment far greater. Silvia takes away their job or position. She ruins their reputation. Anyone who faces her wrath is better off leaving the country, as they will never find hope there again.








Current Residence
The Catrineli Royal Palace

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