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Crown Prince

The Crown Prince of Catrinel is the title given to the heir of the Catrinelian Throne. While this is most commonly a Prince, it can be given to a Princess, becoming the title Crown Princess.


In order to become Crown Prince, the Prince must be the eldest living child of the King and Queen, and be considered a legitimate child of the presiding Ruler. The Prince must also be at least 16 years old to gain the title, despite the fact he cannot become King until he is 18 years old, even if his parents have passed.

The same conditions apply to any princesses of Catrinel.


The title is appointed through a grand ceremony. Through a series of oaths to the Kingdom the Prince is granted the title Crown Prince by the presiding ruler of Catrinel.


As a part of being the Crown Prince, he is expected to be present at any and all diplomatic events that take place in the Kingdom. He may also be sent by the presiding ruler to ceremonies and events throughout the Kingdom. He is expected to meet with military leaders, give speeches regarding political issues, and generally be a symbol for the longevity of the Kingdom.

His duties are not so trivial, however. They are also meant to teach him how to be a proper King, at least according to the presiding ruler. The current ruler decides all the duties of the Prince.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

The Title is to be removed once the Prince acquires the rank of King. The Title is then passed on in a great ceremony to the eldest sibling, or eldest child of the new King. The Title is also removed during the funeral of the Prince if he were to die before his time to rule.

The Title is also removed if the Prince is disowned by his family. When this happens, it is treated as if he has died, and then goes to the eldest sibling of the former Prince. None of his children can ever claim a right to the title and throne if he was disowned.

The presiding ruler of Catrinel can remove the title from the Crown Prince at anytime he chooses, for any reason.

Form of Address
Sir Crown, or Lady Crown
Alternative Naming
The Crown
Source of Authority
The King or Queen of Catrinel
Length of Term
Until the Crown succeeds the throne of Catrinel
Current Holders
Past Holders


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